Which power cap??


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I have recently purchased a jl audio 12w7 and a jl 1000/1v2 slash amp, i have ordered autoleads zero gauge wiring kit and i now need a power cap to complete my system before i install everything. Just wondering if anybody has a similar setup and what power cap have you used?? any recommendations please, would be much appreciated......

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No you don't

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unless you have a high output alt. you could use one but still with a high output alt. y would you need one anyways

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A friend told me that my headlights and other lights in the car will dimn when the bass hits, i have a system in at the moment and the speedo and dash lights dimn - the jl's are way more power consuming.Is there anyway of getting round this? and is my 'friend' an unreliable source for information?

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ur friend is wrong

ideally when ur lights dim its because your electrical isnt upto snuff

upgrade your batt ... big 3 wiring in ur vehicle ... then check for dimming ... if its still there then upgrade your alternator to a High Output Alternator, that will suffice your electrical needs for your vehicle and your system

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JL makes very efficient subs and amps.

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read these links and become a better informed consumer, good sir:

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