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ED DodecasubPaul Larrea5
Excessive Amperage vs Mean Green vs ...Mat Dope *****13
Kinda WeakThieves14
Ot: Going to karaoke, what to sing?Kyle Longbrake20
K guys. vc questionBen9
Amp FSBen7
UFCDustin Pettit3
ThreeSubs4MeReece Brassler7
Buildin my boxJack10
OT- I'm ready to get drunk!Reece Brassler12
My friend wants to know..... Chauncey Brown7
Somthing else besides EBig_Edge_Head43
Ford Ranger..1 Type R 12"Cody Scott2
My "New Whips"Marc13
Type R or Comp VR...plz helpSteven Norris9
What size speaker wire for my payne6
Install long :-)...Canaan4
Need a box!!!!!SomeDonnieDude15
Phoenix areajake papa1
Shane, here is the place that repairs ampsCanaan1
HO altNaledge50312
Awesome song here.Paul Larrea7
Quick wireing questionLouis20
Emails to the "BoomBoxBusters"DA WOLFMAN YO45
Wanted subbox plans for 2001 nissan frontier king kabmichael dale1
Need 2 10's or 1 15"Santa_Fe15
Re audio mx 15Naledge5033
Sundownmike macdonald30
Badass 10'' $680 shipped obojesse27
What i did last nightjesse23
Wierd results with new installsean6
Canaan or kevin holdensean7
Does anyone know where i can get a spl conesean7
Should i upgrade subs? PA-Fubr-15 to PA mofo-15Rob19
Tonights MythbustersDrivingreckless24
Treo or RE?Yanks Fan6
In need of a 12" dual 2ohm subThieves7
Installing Mids!!cal payne4
Problem with SSD or box...VIDRob2
Walled 18 apx on 3kwRob21
My 18inch BL box set up and design! tell me what u think!Andrizzle8
Speaker make popping noise...killerzracing714
New box for ssd???Steven Norris13
The "Real" BoomBoxBuster is...KiLLa5
RobYanks Fan11
Two type r's[...Rovin...]6
4 Type R Box Build (PICS)[...Rovin...]16
Gain setting w/crossover glove1
Colby's New Sub!!!Colby13
OT - somas...Tremor11279
KevinKevin Holden3
New Car!!!!!JAYM3S22
So...Does anyone still go to AIM?Marc13
Selling a bunch of amps...Marc6
Best guy on hereJK39
WolfmanJ Noel6
Iraggi email anyone got it??LowLife6
Mounting amp on the boxC. Reming7
OT<SM, Chad Lee39
Autotek 4000.1 wiringC. Reming11
Guess what I got in the mail today : ]M0nkeyman69214
WolfmanJ Noel1
Dhl came today... Polo you might like this.Reece Brassler43
Personalized license plateJ Noel31
Where to ground amp in my grand prixJ Noel7
Blew a sub Joshua Moye4
Okay now you've done it!!Drivingreckless16
Big_Edge_Head Drivingreckless11
AM I IN TROUBLE????Drivingreckless103
My hu is skippin because of bass any ideas!!!!!!!!!!!C. Reming13
Started on my CoWorkers systemBernyMAC20
Me So DummBernyMAC9
Post ur type r numbersjeremy8
About the ampDA WOLFMAN YO5
OT- keypadcal payne3
Very OT but very necessary please lookPaul Larrea20
12" type R box dimensions..?nick spence3
OT - 1990 toyota camry tail lights and fuse problem help pleaseChris Engarde3
Guys read this thread.... i got the whole forum after meDrivingreckless30
Whats wrong?john kicker9
NICK V****************...Canaan11
12" heqs to the max!Alan5
Theese speakers good?Chad Lee26
What is an SSX 15 motor and basket worth?Drivingreckless14
Phoniex gold AMP Ben5
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