My hu is skippin because of bass any ideas!!!!!!!!!!!


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Username: Trevor_r

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i have a 15 ssd on 1000rms in a lil yota extended cab wich is real loud by the way but i am having trouble with my hu to much bass and is making my hu skip during songs any ideas on how 2 stop it from skippin

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what hu

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"My hu is skippin because of bass any ideas!!!!!!!!!!!"

Get an I-pod!


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Wrap the HU in a rag, or put dynamat around it.

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loosen the screws tightening the HU in...

or put some rubber washers in between the screw holes and the screws

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Get a good head unit.If it's skipping on that setup it's either A:A crappy head unit or B:It's poorly mounted.

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Upgrade to USB. CD's are the New beta tapes.

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"My hu is skippin because of bass any ideas!!!!!!!!!!!"

Get an I-pod!



shouldn't skip with that setup though, unless not mounted correctly or time for a new h/u.}

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Hes got a temp HU right now. He will be gettin a new one soon lol.

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my new HU is gonna be here next week with ipod adapter for the same reason :-)

but would rapping a rag around it really help? cus mine skips all the time and it pisses me off

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wat year is your toy?

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i wouldnt wrap it in a rag becuase of the overheating issue, alot have a heat sink on the back but also have vents on the sides. i would use 1X1 inch square of sponge. worked on a friend of mines crappy dual deck.

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use like 8 of em, one on every corner
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