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Ultra SQ Sub?Mat Dope *****16
$500 budgetFuLL T1M3 Hu$tla8
Check it out.Rob4
$1500 for this?? bballa_kid6
JL 13w7: $100blaine westropp22
How do you wire a sub into the boxDylan Bonde5
Sealed wallTremor11277
Can someone buy this and see if it works~matt14
Car audio insidePaul Larrea9
Matter of opinion...nick high8
Battery questions.Jesse D.4
Head unit problem?M.S.3
Low bass songsReece Brassler5
PVC?patrick ferguson4
Car audio insideSound_R_us1
Why Would You Pay This Much For This?Joey DeSalvo7
Subwoofer and amp help neededJoey DeSalvo6
Canaan!!!Mat Dope *****10
My 1st Install - Part 2Mat Dope *****14
Q problem or deck problemJesse D.4
OT Alternator QuestionMat Dope *****3
Ultra SQ Sub?JK9
AIM listcharlie33
?whats everyone power their bl withraymond aparicio6
2 $99 12's + 500wrms = 144.0dB Canaan5
D6 vs AA Assassin vs Arsenalkklagge21
2001 Tahoe, subwoofer that appears stock?Brantley9
So, who thinks people with stock alts arnt ever getting full potent...KiLLa36
Anyone Need a Box Built??? # 5Betcha Can't Do It L16
Ground strap on s 10KiLLa2
Infinity subwoofersWooferCooker19
Stuff for sale......EseEsai1
Alpine or Pioneer?matt7
Finally!Brady Fedro6
Hey guys guess whatjesse16
Any good??????FuLL T1M3 Hu$tla4
Best mainstream brandKiLLa16
Buying a sub-wooferM0nkeyman69212
5.75 inches mounting depth .75 cuft.........10"sJustintoxicated3
.On the fence about new subs...Marc6
Polk audio subsJake17
New subsYanks Fan3
Fi: Figh, not Eff Eye!M0nkeyman69224
Waitin on the UPS guy...Pit Bull11
Chad you are in trouble EEERRRRRRRRRRRBetcha Can't Do It L6
? on a fi bl boxmichael foland6
Logan...FuLL T1M3 Hu$tla1
Name That Song!michael foland5
SplChoice fo sale thread :-)...Mat Dope *****7
Fi Contest-Eric-5
Official...Yanks Fan's For Sale ThreadYanks Fan11
TC sounds LMS 5400, RE XXX or DD 9512rajeev22
New Video JBL MKII GTi 12"mike3
The FI BL is a winner :-)...Mike Loudon17
Carpet box and glue left over Dwight Smith1
Carpet box and glue left over Dwight Smith1
Q problem or deck problemChad Lee3
Bass cancellation, Speaker placement??[...Rovin...]2
Tested the vs Termlab today....Where Are you Muddy?11
Here we go again....chad's box picsChad Lee55
Sub wiring question/any differenceKiLLa3
They shipped@!@KiLLa17
Check This Candance out.....Mike Romney16
Audiobahn 1000w rms dual voice coil ARE THEY GOOD SUBS??Jake23
My new box reviewChad Lee20
MX vs. XXXMike Loudon4
1st electrical upgade????????livin'loud8
4 18" Fi Q's Mike Loudon12
Sony's showing some flex...Mendon Mafia8
Shocked by the pricePolo20
I need everyones help. KiLLa4
Anyone Else Need a Box Built =)Mark Potts43
My new resin applying methodCanaan2
Betcha cant beat these subs!!!!!!Colby4
Box carpet and glueKiLLa10
Good price?KiLLa8
Ma audio subsLowLife5
LPF ?killer8
Transmission line Box for stroker proTrevor Eaton6
SpeakersYanks Fan5
Anyone heard of this?Reece Brassler14
I know im not supposed to....Reece Brassler8
Sub box pics...killer11
Bored with ssd'sTrevor Eaton18
Has anybody heard ofBetcha Can't Do It L2
Box for Treo 15" TSXsBetcha Can't Do It L11
I have 3 diamond d3s running at 1200, should i port them?Betcha Can't Do It L5
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