$1500 for this??


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Username: Trey4sports

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http://cgi.ebay.com/all-most-new-kicker-2-10s-kenwood-amp-600-watt_W0QQitemZ2301 00803037QQcategoryZ39772QQtcZphotoQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

how stupid can this guy be?

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Username: Matt12490

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Pretty stupid, yet MAYBE kinda smart, if lucky. I think his approach was to make it seem like the greatest stereo equipment ever so someone with money and no knowledge would buy it thinking they got a good deal because of the price they paid... Who knows though.

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Username: Johnfiac

IL Afghanistan,...

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sweet setup he gots there... im gunna buy it


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Username: Chaunb3400

Huntsville, Alabama U.S.

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paypal fees are gonna r.a.p.e. his azz

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Username: Kravenblood

Ohio DD Z1 you wi...

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are those the old solo barics.. those where nice subs still wouldnt pay 300 for em though

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Username: Rosrock2000

AA Assassins, MI USA

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there just old comps i beilieve
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