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Anyone have ported box plans to alpines specs?[...Rovin...]6
Tuning ported box[...Rovin...]3
ED 16av.2 or AA havoc for sale yet?Mike Loudon8
Help! 12" type R vs two 12" type SJC7
2 subs for 10 dollars......they any good??Paul7
Quick question...Steven Norris4
DVC 2ohm .. wiring 1 coil..[...Rovin...]5
® Recoil[Kéviñ_Previé]10
Old school nuclear 12"(pic) & questionjdp4
Rockford and jljake papa10
One problem solvedChad Lee2
System for friendBryn Mountford5
Speaker Wire?bassman38
RE MT vs. Treo SSxblkwardog22
OT : RevengeJexx11
BOx Size and Tuned to for CVX_JW_5
Old school lanzar pro plus 12" subs juan d perez1
97 cutlass supremeTroy Stafford3
Is There Any Where Else Besides The Trunk That You Can Put Subwoofe...Chad Lee16
Shocker neo-sig, Atomic APXXMuddy Waters51
Fusion?Muddy Waters47
??????Help ChooseRoland Berthiaume10
Jumping power??Josh Eaton11
Cant decide between 12" cvr's or 15" cvr's!!!!Joshua Smith8
PMR using ID[...Rovin...]5
Cerwin vega subs ohm questionrobert geiger4
What Is The Difference ???/Dustin11
For Sale: Eclipse and KickerMick7
To the fa*g who told me i was wrong....bulldogsm200819
NEMEN....did you get itChad Lee4
Hey chadLChad Lee18
6x9 boxChauncey Drinon10
Looking for good 15"[...Rovin...]13
Quick Question....[...Rovin...]3
RE AudioJeff D.25
How many amps will a 250 watt amp drawMuddy Waters4
Smokin type rsS.P.D11
OT-Toyota Celica ECUPelon16
2 15"sSteven Norris10
Hey chad or chauncySteven Norris7
Frying an egg on my amp.....Mark Highland27
3 JL 10W3v2 Subs FOR SALEJay11
I need help ASAP Please Help!!!!Jami Gavi8
The future of car audioPelon24
I need some serious help...[...Rovin...]2
Mass Destruction Subslilrob7
13W7 vs. D915D2 vs. Treo SSI 15" vs. Eclipse SW9152J@Yme15
Brandon, HELP!!!!Brandon2
CLARION PXW1252 12" 4-OhmSteven Norris2
CLARION PXW1252 12" 4-OhmCarAudio1
Speaker Wirecharlie7
18" subsMatthew Lee40
Who is louder, me or my friend?Mick15
Good amp for treo 15 TSX ?Steven Norris5
Hmm Can someone hep me out?Steven Norris10
HELP!!!!Steven Norris3
Different "orders" of bandpass boxes[...Rovin...]2
Wire size?James Longo11
GrrTroy Stafford1
Car resonancemarshall white6
Amp questionkiller5
Kicker sub fosgate ampMr. Bojangles7
5 1/4 ComponentsPoremski5
I know its kinda a stupid question but who makesThomas E Miller9
Does this make sense at all?Steve H11
Piece of crap or not?LA6
HAHA I had to laugh at this guyWahl18
Any opinions on the Phoenix Gold R12D ?Mick1
Jl audioChad Lee8
If you live in sacramento areaChad Lee3
Has anybody heard of A new Brand Of sub's called Razorkillerzracing7125
Troy Staffordbrooks robinson7
What is the price.....Dustin7
Dimensions for the a8000tjake papa19
Ot. anyone done business with GREATDEALS4UONLINEcharlie3
Is there anyone knows what are these AMP & SUB's ??Night Mirage9
Ever hear anything like this...Astrosafari11
OT: Sorry to ask on here but you guys are always helpfulMatt Kitzis10
What do you think?jake papa2
Need an amp for a 15" treo ssxChad Lee4
ONLY for the EXPERIENCED...if you dont know dont postDustin32
2 cvx 12" DealJohn6
JL 12w6v2 questions and whatnotDustin12
Alpine type xChad Lee4
Possible?jake papa3
Charles isabellCharles Isbell2
How big of alt...[...Rovin...]2
I want a new systemChauncey Drinon7
I picked an amp...Kevin Holden18
Shocker Sig....WHEW!!!!!!!Dustin9
CompsMuddy Waters7
Chauncey BrownJ@Yme11
New personal best recordDustin7
MASSIVE sublilrob9
Subwoofers alteraudiousa3
Assassin's vs Arsenal'sbassman34
Question just for the experienced. Know its not the amp forum i alw...[...Rovin...]3
Almost fell for the most idiotic thing today!!! lol. need price ta...[...Rovin...]3
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