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15 mag vs 15 sxS.P.D1
How do you make and tune a vented enclosure?TJ3
Chauncey Brown can u answer this thread or ne of my other ones??TJ3
Team toxic audio...check them outAnonymous4
Please help did i mess up my sub?!TJ5
Whuts the worst system u have ever heardJames Longo55
2 questionsjames shlong6
I saw this and thought of you bassheads...Ruthless8
Havoc vs. CVXCasey Wood6
12 RE SX, or 12 Stereo Integrity Mag?alteraudiousa4
Got corners???...I dont :-) (my new box)...Mike Johnson17
Baffle?marshall white2
Dish Network or direct Tv?bassman31
How Should I set My Gain And Bass Boost?BoostMan1
Which car????NOL1M1TSOLD1ER115
Assassin 10[...Rovin...]3
Good for the moneySW91528
Kicker kx1200.1 @ 1 ohm for sale.Jim1
Amp hunting again.... Jim6
Another sub comparison threadColby1
SWX-1242D for 102$$Chad Lee3
Help! I don't understand my setup!james shlong9
Mike Jones chopped and screwed MY STYLE!!!!Joey Ingle29
Where can i buy a term lab mic?Anonymous6
2 12's for under $300-$350Joey Ingle11
? for Rovin or ne other expert.....plzJoey Ingle21
Almost new Kicker kx1200.1 For Sale Jim6
Multi disk CD players jake papa13
New Cerwin Vega vMAX VS. OLDTerry64052
DOES this make a difference[...Rovin...]3
Ascendant audio assasinsdanny4
12w6 vs 12w6v2MO7
My Sub Has No Sound But My Amp Is On?subproblems16
Just need a quick port area opinion...marshall white3
I need help with finding a amp...Mitchell Stone1
Cheap subs?james shlong2
My box plans for 2 12" SEJoseph Lewis6
Enclosures Wahl2
New System Plans, Input would be great!!Brandon24
Do you know these brandsjuliob5
OH for LexusChad Lee4
Edead? good or bad?Chad Lee9
Hello...Chad Lee30
3 db's are a big upgrade[...Rovin...]26
Jonathan / 2 IDQ 12 or 15 with 600 watts rms ?MO6
Ohhh snap!james shlong2
Did I burn out my inputs?Input Problems16
Wiring/sub questionAnthony8
Aperiodic enclosure - 3 id max 12'smikechec95
Another question (deadener)Chad Lee14
Alphasonik or KickerChad Lee8
Lights Dimmingkillerzracing719
Anybody know how to charge a sealed lead acid batteryThomas E Miller7
Let the fun begin!!!! PICS!B14
How does Crossfire stack up against...jake papa4
Will thesesound good[...Rovin...]7
Got spl?????roberto rosales3
This any good for porting rear deck?Jay19
Bandpass advantages?Brett3
Audiobahn AW1200Q or 12" RE SEbassman33
Do line drivers distort sub output signalty mutlow16
Which sub to get?Jerome5
I need a link to find assasins>>>>Anonymous3
Need amp for subs?( no answer ove in amp section)killer3
Need Opinions Please..SW91524
Does a low tuned box give you louder bass on the outside?GlassWolf15
How to build a subwoofer enclosureLewass50
Iraggi Alternator vs Excessive Amperage?GlassWolf16
Have somethin to say about l7s and the w7s?say it hereGlassWolf7
Need to know 2000 Mustang alternator limitsOptidriven5
Just wonderingAdam McCoy6
Box helpLewass5
Can someone help me out Loc_out7
Soundstream Van Gogh opinionsAdam McCoy4
Fitting jl 12w6v2 in 04 silveradoJames Longo5
Best system ?????Adam McCoy1
Need specs and dimensions for L7 12" deep bass portedBrAd GiLmAn1
I want to be able to hit 150B38
Ported or Sealed for Alpine Type RChad Lee7
Well i blew something up... what was itYoung James6
ECLIPSE sw9102 displacement?Anonymous3
NeeD HelP and Opinions....ty mutlow11
Sub PostioningLiL Jon3
Question about arsenalsGreeney18882
How much amps do i need?Joseph Lewis3
Windsheild wiperzJohnstons7
Generic 12w6AE's on ebay by SPL ?????Jake Hill12
How do you get massive wires to the back?Trevor Eaton16
Anyone get their SI MAG in yet?Trevor Eaton9
2 12" RE SE's vs. 3 12" AA Assasin'sTrevor Eaton6
Arsenal 15 reviewSiX5
Are these terminals OK for conducting 1000 watts at 1 Ohm?Lewass15
Ported/ sealed box?ctmike2
I need a 12" subwoofers, and nothing small.SW91527
Where can i get these items from besides online?lucas beckner6
When making a box...[...Rovin...]3
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