Help! I don't understand my setup!


Subs: 2 12'' Infinity Reference 2ohms
Amp: 1000w Crunch Amp 4ohm

I just want to get this straight before I setup my system. My 1000w amp will split 500w into each sub correct? What gauge wires would be best for this setup?

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most of ur ?s will be answered here >>>>>>>>>

Thanks, I tried to google around but no luck.

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all you need is a 8 guage amp kit. That amp will be lucky if it produces half that rated power.

Why is that? Is Crunch the Geo Metro of amps?

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Would it make a difference if I got a lower gauge number? I'm going to upgrade my amp in the future.

"Amplifiers running in bridged mode are generally limited to speakers with impedance ratings of no less than 4 ohms (in other words don't use a 2 ohm speaker load unless the manufacturer specifically allows it)."

Is this in reference to the quality of the amp or the speaker or both? Thanks guys

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whats the model number on those?
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