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1 15" over 150dbs?marshall white8
Lookin for a pair os SX15's and Viper/Orion 2500SiX5
KicKer Comp Cvr 12" vs RE Audio Sx 12"scott DeBaker5
Decent Bass for 300 dollars?dustin pettit19
Where Can I buy Re Audio around Michigan?Jake Davis7
NEED help wits subsOso2
Avalanche, anyone?Oso16
NEED help wits subsrob preg4
Alpine SWX-1242D Type Xrob preg15
NEED help with subsrob preg4
Take a guessDAMAN6
Alpine Type R componentsChris Person7
How to wire my system to get more basstommyboy80810
Ported Solo X vs 2 sealed L7sJohn C.2
What would happen if i do thisChris Engarde12
Hmmm 15Ti or 15 SI mag w/my 1000/1 for SQLTrevor Eaton4
Amp for a friends Subwoofer Cameron4
Something gone wrong!! Trevor Eaton8
SX dissapointment, mtx for your kicker..Brian Tucker59
HELP! 2400 wat fosgate amp.....jake papa2
Box help, 1.13 cuFtRovin4
Where can I buy a subsonic filter?Joe Smoe8
Audiobahn 12" AlumQbassetc3
New Re'sApocalypse18
Type xChauncey Brown4
Kicker L7 with a SPL 1600 Series IV?Chauncey Brown5
Whats that 1 website again...weeeeeeeeee3332
NEED HELP! WHAT AMPPaul Pemberton1
Amp ProblemsQcsfinest1
Help with pioneer sub box CAM RINS3
Best around $200 subwoofer?!Chad Lee9
SOX!!Chad Lee33
Just a thought, 5.2 speaker car stereoBryan B4
Which is louderChauncey Brown3
Need help with SubsEddie Arambula8
Kicker Cvr12 1000w or Infinity 1230w?Steven Stevens1
RE mtBabyBrock8
Good idea??frkkevin18
Sub Questionscuba steve2
Enclosure helpscuba steve2
Rovin what should i doRovin8
Setup questionChris Person11
Does anyone know where i can buy re subsTrevor Eaton2
Just a few hours left...SiX2
Is it me or does audiobah really suxBrian Tucker5
MTX Terminatordanny underhill1
Which section in walmart can you find polyfilBrian Tucker8
Rovin Chad Lee6
Wiring diagramCasey O6
RE Audio 15" SE Chauncey Brown3
New, real, in person pictures of RE??Trevor Eaton4
Check this outhondarider1
Kicker VentedChris Person4
Cerwin vega vs cerwin vegahondarider1
What ohm?killer3
I got the new v-maxsJohn McCourmik6
Where can I get a 13 inch enclosure? Sealed or Ported for W6V2?Anonymous2
IMPORTANT...subs in cold weatherBrian Tucker13
Tundra Double cab... what could i fit?Casey O2
Kicker car audioRovin2
What to buy? Need helpRovin2
Makin New Box For Re Sx 10'smarshall white3
Subsonic filterJoe Smoe2
Interchangeable portsmarshall white2
Box thicknessSimon J Casey3
Any personal tips for...Corey Brooks12
Port location?Brian Tucker4
Amp power questionRovin8
Spark plugsJake Hill3
Pioneer TS-W3004SPL subwoofer boxBrian Tucker13
What the heck manJexx3
What would be the best sub for a 500/1?mixneffect8
Whats wrong?joe6
Good trade?Chauncey Brown12
Kicker SetupWahl6
I need help with a speaker boxKevin07731
I need help with a speaker boxKevin07731
Sub Box?nocc1n2
Need help on systemMTMustang1
Audiobahn Chad Lee4
300 watts too much?MO3
HELP wats a good dual or 2 singles subs for a SUV that is under 3...dustin alan legrady14
What do u guys thinkJexx26
What would you go with?dustin alan legrady6
RE MT 12inchIsaac2
Slot port lengthChad Lee2
How much power is to much power before you...Chad Lee11
Edead siteCameron2
HEy someone give me a link!Shawn M5
Anyone with an Ebay Account please readBrandon10
Whats the difference between slot ports and round portsMark S7
SQ designed ported enclosuresMark S3
Edeadscott DeBaker3
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