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Particalboard am mdfscott DeBaker1
Do i need a capacitortaylor1712
Quick Question on an Amplifierbasslova2
NEED HELP a little advice on what subs to gettaylor172
Dd or kickerAlpineThumping30
John I need your e-mail addykoz1
Alpine 1507Mike Lopez1
Experts/knowledgeable ppl, especially sean. box for avasean20
CDT and Polk DB Subs...good or bad? PLEASE RESPOND!!!sean2
Db testersean3
Head Unit!Jexxen Trivic2
Anybody want an awesome bass amp for a good price look heresean3
Sean need your helpsean7
Jl 1000/1 and 12w7 for sale/tradethumpinWRANGLER25
Richard hassler your not gonna believe thisbasslova15
Punch subsSubfanatic15
LOUD ?!?!?!?Subfanatic10
Are the kicker 04 s12l7 a good buy 2 for $400 Roman Powers1
Sub experts, need help....K L1
Corrected Triple Chamber Abc Box for Re xxx 15sean22
Kicker l 5 15 ported vs sealedany ideas1
Jl 1000/1 Can you run two on a 150 alt?any ideas4
OK so what amp should i getandrew peak12
Ok ive had enough trying to do this triple chamber abc box sean6
How good is this? taylor179
2 jl w6's or 2 mtx tunder 9500 HELP PLEASE!!Dankman Nuggetz5
2 10" comp vrs or 1 12" type rtaylor172
NEw SuBstaylor173
NEED TONS OF HELP!!!< PLEASE!!!!Jexxen Trivic17
Explain this to me.. amps to subsTrevor Eaton7
What kind of WofferSean Austin11
Anyone know about the H2 12.2/.4?Subfanatic2
What kind of SUB???Subfanatic5
Which of these ports to pick for box? lukasz S5
New SubsSubfanatic5
Box Dimentions???Subfanatic2
What do ya think?Ice7
Anybody?!?!?!?K L6
Grrr what is avalache's website cant findChris Person2
Porting!?Trevor Eaton2
Hey Experts, i need an opinion, DD or IDMAX??MO9
Carpet paddingFishy2
2 Xtant X1244 FOR SALE 150 For Both + Shipping!!!Mike Lopez4
Solox was stolen... 400 dollars to work withsean90
Blown subs ;(beje1
Truck setupAlloutparty12
Jonathon OR Isaac!!!Subfanatic16
Amp and subSubfanatic2
How do u ..Moe2
FOR SALEMatthew Kinnamont5
A thread I found on some tangband 8's in an sq car nice installSubfanatic4
1 12" at 400rms or 2 10" 200rmsTB8
Db don Intresting guy to read up on for spl tipssean3
Port Box 2 12' Atlas help neededNick T6
Alpine stuff--- good??/bad??allende59
Audiobahn subsSubfanatic2
Any1 no the hz of this portSubfanatic2
Looking for a hifonics brutus amp and a jl sub..Subfanatic2
Been meaning to say this FOREVER!!!Subfanatic14
12 inche solo x?Knacko9
Which subzone enclosure for Atlas 15Jeffrey Davidson2
What size box?aaron miiller1
Sean or anyone who cares, the Hu swap was a success!!!!scott DeBaker7
Digital Designs 3500 series / Jonathan or Anyone who has heard them ?MO9
Anyone need a really nice Hudonny keen2
Box measurements for 12? is this good?lukasz S39
Cheap custom box for 2 10" subsMikey M3
Difference in sound between SS and ABC BOxNick T1
Two subs in two boxes?taylor172
10" or 12" jl w3'staylor178
Two programs say two diff things WTFsean4
Subfanatic i fogured out how to account for the port volocity on th...sean3
James what sub did you want a box built for?sean26
Experimental triple chamber Abc box for re xxx 15sean9
Need Help..........BADAnonymous22
MR Kebo your re sx 15 Abc box port volocity correctsean2
Car system setup opinionsJake4
NEED MONEY QUICK!!!!!Subfanatic20
Hu settings???Subfanatic5
Well guys it looks like basslova and I Got the tangband 6.5'sMatt Reynolds20
Opinion needed: 12" Alpine Type R with JBL GTO301.1Zoran Lovric3
Kicker 15" L5 Box?Shane S1
HELP asap PleASEDynOmite4
Sean, or anybody else good with boxes, need some help with portedSubfanatic14
Good subs? please, no crackheads allowed.Matt Reynolds20
Why don't more people use WinISD?Fishy6
Brahma or W7 or Crossfire XT215??? Need serious help.. pleaseSubfanatic10
IDmax12...i need an amp for it.Subfanatic3
I wanna be the loudest in my city.. please help!!!!Subfanatic17
Whats the best amp for JL Audio 13W7??Subfanatic8
Anyone knows Digital Design website? thanksbasslova2
Dd or jlMO3
Ported enclosuresJeremyC2
Bass Shakers?? I wouldn't beleive had I not felt it myselfallende528
This a good dealscott DeBaker7
Hold off on all abc boxes i formulated port volocity may not be cor...sean9
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