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Another Sub Question, Bandpass Boxesbrooks robinson3
Ported or sealednick18
Tempest SQ???nick3
Whats the best HU you can buy for $250-300 (ebay or internet)Trevor Eaton3
A fresh StartSubfanatic7
10" SQ sub for small vented box (300RMS)TravisJ3
15" power acusticnick5
Helpful websites on ported box building?Paul1
WHAT SUBS SOULD I GET????richard stegall17
How can i get in the 150's with this setup...anything is welcomeSubfanatic9
1988 ford lariat reg cab sub boxSubfanatic2
One 15" brahma/xx X equal or bass output then 2 10" 9500's which i ...Joe Smoe17
Amp turns off when i try to play cd's....Joe Smoe10
NewbyHunter Warren2
Video Clips of Subs...Hunter Warren2
Answer this!!! I"m drunk!!!Hunter Warren4
Quick Question...howie feltersnatch6
Subs info..taylor179
NEED WIRING HELP>>>richard stegall1
Would this worktaylor177
BEST SPL SUB....15"??Alex Ochoa36
How should i wire my sub for desired ohms??Gavin Wynne6
Image Dynamic subsAlex Ochoa8
How will this sound...and if you can guess db's...let me know lolJoe Smoe48
Why is my sub clipping?Wahl10
Need plan for sub box for 98 f150 Duramaxrocks3
12" RF T2 vs 12" RE SXAlex Ochoa2
Which way to face subs in enclosure??Alex Ochoa5
How to get the best and cleanest bass from a trunkJoe Smoe5
Alt Big enough??Joe Smoe10
Phoenix gold xe.loadSubfanatic3
BigmanSubs hit some days and other days they don'tWahl8
Anyone wanna trade????Rob Fox5
Will my 12'' Ti take out my brother's pair of 10''Mark Ali7
1 13w7 can reach 150db in ported box...can 2reach 150 in sealed?Brandon17
Need Help with Subtaylor1710
What is the best woofer? sub w.e.taylor173
Take a look at my systemtaylor1714
Sub and amp questionJames Longo4
Need prices for these 10" subsJames Longo5
Ohms loadgeorge akel9
Sub box helpBrandon2
MTX 9500 12" or SW9102 - Eclipse titanium 12"?Brandon10
My 2 10w7s... against 2 mtx9500 10s...?Trevor Eaton2
Any1 know of any shows/comps near or in tampa coming soon?Anonymous11
How Would you do it?Subfanatic13
Silverado 2500HD? Anonymous2
How far away?Hunter Warren7
Is orion h2 sub comparable to brahma at all?Hunter Warren2
Need Help New At This.Hunter Warren17
Is orion h2 sub comparable to brahma at all?Denver Salisbury Mcd1
Subsonic filters....Joe Smoe17
W7 or W3v2James Longo7
One last question?James Longo9
Well I'm bored again !James Longo37
Shocker subs?????????dustin pettit9
Help please ref: JL subsCory B10
What gauge?Krijgy2
2 15" or EQ or etc.. YOUR CHOICE!!A.C.5
15" Sub advice neededRob Fox2
If your selling or buying come hereadam pitkoff14
12 W7Joe Smoe19
W7 vs. mtx 9500Joe Smoe10
Enclosure questionBrandon3
Audiobahn system, better then the restRob Fox19
W6v2s or w7s?Travis Clarkson35
12w7 SubZoneTravis Clarkson3
Alpines r'sBrandon6
Team RF Sub vs. RE MT???Rob Fox3
Enclosure questionAnonymous10
RE SX, wonder if I should get one (x.x.x's on ebay)Joe Smoe9
My system i have questions?Joe Smoe4
Is Sound Splinter...Joe Smoe18
Orion P series 12DVC 2ohmJoe Smoe2
Watts, watts, more wattstaylor174
JVC or Pioneer head unit?taylor175
Re se12 equivalent to what?sql?1
CIA EngineeringHunter Warren4
And the power goes ......taylor173
My new system part IItaylor176
Shallow depth subTim Shouder7
Anyone know when the ascendant avanche 12" is scheduled to come out...James Longo2
8 ohmJames Longo5
Rockford T2 vs IDMAX?????Hunter Warren5
Wiring Help pleaseJames Longo7
Why so much smack about companies?Subfanatic15
Sub keeps making a rattling noise HELPJames Longo21
What is SPL???James Longo4
JUST BORED PART 83johnny lemoine13
If you have something you would like to it here.Web295
It just stopped working.......James Longo8
Need help with this.basshead8
Ported power handlingSubfanatic6
Great PricesSubfanatic4
Awesome AmpSubfanatic10
Rockford T2 or IDMAX????Joe Smoe2
Just Wana Say ThanxJoe Smoe5
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