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Ok I got itJustin2
Best subs to run off amp??Anonymous3
Alt sizesmichael langley4
Lightning Audio 12" Sub ProblemsDevon Delay8
Installed my 10 inch Punch HX2's and have a question, help!Jeff Loughrey3
CVR's and tempests comparoJeff Loughrey2
Sub boxdjeter1081
How good is this set up ?GlassWolf5
Excursion ?GlassWolf6
Hey Glass?GlassWolf3
Kicker L7'sjohnny lemoine3
PPI AMPS ?Jeff Loughrey2
Type R vs. Type Xandone1
Subwoofer Choicedevin a21
Alpine Type R subdustin griffin2
Quick Question....taylor172
Box dimensions for 15" X.X.X.DR MAX5
What would YOU do? (glass, jon... anyone)Chris Brown3
AMP for 13W7DR MAX3
Best amp?Mark S4
Audiobahn ALUM10Q help please...Jeff Loughrey3
What kind of Sub Box Should I Get?Jeff Loughrey2
Sending My Subs InternationallyJeff Loughrey4
Eric one last questioneric2
Finally got my infiniti spl'dHunter Warren2
I need some help building a box.eric3
Need some help with subs.eric8
Just poked a hole through my hx2!!!!Hunter Warren13
Hardest hitting 12" sub under $150 Hunter Warren3
Blueprint 1503 anyone know about these subs? (Glass)Audionoob1312
Adire audio brahma 12Hunter Warren5
Port volume compensated?michael langley1
The post with bass music.Berny Ok3
IDMax vs. Brahma vs. X.X.X.Jonathan4
Advice needed on best subPaul1
Diamond vs audiobahneric6
Hey Glass!zacdavis~10
RE vs eDzacdavis~2
Best subs and where i can get themzacdavis~2
ED or REMr_Kebo1
Just curious- What's the purpose of a preamp..Anonymous7
Image dynamic or jl?kevin kerston3
Someone please explain this resistance question.Jonathan2
JL VS royal redChris Jones3
Hearing IDMAX 12's on home audio low distortion amp's 5k watts rms...Roger O3
Question about installing a sub in a boxeric2
Port size and lengthREDSKIN3
Glass, why did you pick X.X.X. and not other subs?Oleg Ni17
Subwoofer, Amp, HeadUnit Combination - help?mo3
Orion subsJuNGLiST3
What would you get?mo17
Diamondkevin kerston4
Help Me Find The RIGHT System. eric12
Thanks everyoneblare holz1
Blow my subbs?GlassWolf4
BOX FOR 15" x..x..x..GlassWolf6
WTF? Glasswolf/anyone HELP!GlassWolf9
Audiobahnjon doe4
Distortiondan creamer15
Box Building/Sub-Wiring Q's.GlassWolf2
How good is kicker solo x 18?jonjon3
Re subsGlassWolf3
2 15" V-maxs (glass)GlassWolf7
Help with systemJR Villarta4
Check Out My New WoofersChief15
Similar subs?GlassWolf3
3 L5's against 1 X.X.X.GlassWolf2
Wire size?GlassWolf5
U might laugh at thisOleg Ni2
Audiobahn, kicker or diamondGlassWolf2
Problem GlassWolf3
Best subs for $250taylor173
Yet another sub comparison- 2 12'' JLw3 vs 1 12'' x.x.x...Anonymous2
Problem adam pitkoff1
2 12 w6v2 subsSean C.1
Kove Audiofoxstoner04203
What yall thinkJeff Loughrey3
You might laugh at this onemichael langley5
What if poly-fil covers the magnet?Mr_Kebo2
Will a single re se 15 hit harder than 2 adire shivas?Jeff Loughrey2
Rockford Fosgate Punch HX2 10" or 12"taylor175
Sub opinions..mo12
Which face to place Subs? Why am I even asking this...Casey Jennings7
Minimum ImpedanceGlassWolf5
Dont know what to pickGlassWolf5
OT: Favorite CD you bought this year.GlassWolf36
What's the difference between Top Mount and Bottom Mount?GlassWolf2
Amp for 1 Type RDamien Roberts10
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