2 15" V-maxs (glass)


I got a grand cherokee. i want to put 2 15" cerwin vega v-maxes in it. they will be in a ported box to cerwin vega specs. and they will be fully powered. what do you think the spl might be.. and would this sound good for a daily driver setup...

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I dont think that would be ideal for a daily driver

the 15s would move all sorts of air and while they may be what you want in terms of spl a ported box for those 2 is going to take up the entire back of your car

If i recall my old box was a little over 4 cubes for 2 12's vmax's and it took up a lot of room in a tahoe so yours will prob be over 5 if you do it ideally

It just depends on what you want really, if the room isnt an issue go for it

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should sound fine.
no idea on SPL though. no way to tell.
get it metered and see.
it'll be plenty loud though

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Cerwin Vega makes a quality product

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I've got 2 12's and I'm trying to decide on whether or not to go with sealed or ported. I listen to stuff that goes really low and hits realy hard the most, like Bass Mekanik. At first I was gonna go with ported, but the guys at the shop said sealed goes lower, sounds better, and anything is loud enuff in a Grand Cherokee. I figure if I do want it louder, I'll get ported down the road. You guys think sealed would make me happy, for now at least since it will be cheaper? I'll power the V-Maxes with a kicker kx600.1, JayJ has the same setup and almost hit 145 db if I remember what he said. On the other hand someone said they had them in a ported box and hit about 150. Should I stick with sealed for now?

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portewd goes lower than sealed and if you listen to alot of rap and bass mechanic then go ported why waste the cash and have to get a whole new box down the road.

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well, actually sealed goes lower by far.
sealed will go down flat to 9Hz with cabin gain compensating for natural roll off.
a vented enclosure will go down to it's tuned frequency then roll off sharply, and even if it doesn't roll off at that point it should be cut off by a subsonic filter to prevent loss of damping and driver damage.

Now that being cleared up, I'd recommend going ported for the +3dB per sub you'll gain in efficiency. If you like a lot of hard, deep bass, tune the ports to ~32Hz for 12" subs using 4" ports or slot ports.
for 15" subs, use 6" ports or slot vents tuned to about 28Hz.

set your amp's subsonic filters to about half an octave below the tuned frequency to protect the subs.
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