Diamond vs audiobahn


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in looking at getting either 2 12" cm3 diamond subs. 500w r.m.s each or 2 12" audiobahn subs 400w r.m.s each. which would be the most hard hitting.

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diamond. audiobahn is notorious for being terrible and, for the most part, hated my most people

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yeah my buddy has 2 12 inch dimaonds and they hit really hard. audiobahns are crap

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Those two companies should not even be compared. Im running two diamond m6 kII 10's in a sealed box and the sq is amzing. With 1500w going to them they manage to get pretty loud too. My friend has 2 10" cm3's ported with only 800w going to them and they get pretty dam loud too. I have heard many say that the cm3 is the best sub you can get for the price.
Speaking of price, try not to pay any more than 120 each regardless of where you buy. I had an authorized dealer go down to 120 on those subs and they can easily be found for under 100 on ebay.

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hey retards, leave the audiobahn hating to yourselves. audiobahn makes some top notch equipment. just because you may not have owned any of thier high end. but now on the other hand i'd have to agree 100% diamond is in a whole other realm, better sounding, better rnd, and better build quality.
diamond all the way

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I am not hating on audiobahn at all. Apparently some of their higher end subs are pretty decent, but from what I understand they still lack in sq. I really just hate audiobahns marketing. i.e. Flames on the basket and beefed up numbers to make the sub look better than it is. From what I have heard, they also have terrible customer service. Also, considering that the cm3's are 90-130 each any audiobahn in that price range is going to blow and look like sh*t imo.
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