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i just got a 95 cherokee and i have a question on what size alt to get. heres what i got
2 amps: one pushing 360w and the other 380w
cda-9831 hu
possible eq
possible kc lights for the top (4)dont know wattage cus i dont have em yet. so...
so how many amp alt should i get to be safe and how much $ we talkin here?
sry asked this on accessory thread and no one responded

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You should be fine on the alt with just the amp's, but the KC light's use a lot of juice. I don't know a lot about geep alt's but a 200 alt would be fine I think.

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hey, i have a jeep myself, glass can probably answer this more accuratly then i can, i know he're got a cherokee, ive got a liberty, i have a 136amp alt, it was meant to run a set of those lights as well as a winch and the rest of my car at something like 5k RPM i thought the guy said, i was more concerned with the girl looking at the wrangler 3 cars over. I opted to never got a winch or that light bar, i run a 1000watts rms amp right now without any problem, i've never cranked my system up over much more then half (over that just gives me a headache its that loud) and my light have never blinked or anything lie that, its always given me a steady 13.8 volts to my amp no matter the conditions (unless off) so i'm happy with it, what i'd reccomend you do is on your remote wire to amp, instead of installing it to your headunit wire it to a 12volt sorce (fairly simple, can tell you how i did it) and then that way you can turn your amps on and off as need be, running a system while offroading may not be the hottest idea anyones ever done, just be sure you strap or bolt your stuff down good and you shouyld be fine.

if your looking for a new alt though try

hope that helps

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thanks so i would be able to run a line with two switches to the amps so i can turn them on and off and have no problems
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