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Adding a subwoofer of 4 ohmsFrank Elliott4
3 ohm???Jan Vigne2
Subwoofer and main speakersFrank Elliott7
Need Help with my 5.1Jan Vigne7
Ohm rating affected by adding a powered sub ???Jan Vigne2
HSU vs VelodyneFrank Abela24
Help With VelodyneFrank Abela4
Looking for advice before doing something stupidSamuel Choung9
New oneJan Vigne7
Urgent 2.1 sub phase problemsNuck5
Need to connect a 4ohm Car Audio Sub to a 8ohm Home Audio (500w) am...Nuck4
I need some subs that will shake my innards - hardSonnie Parker88
Ported speakers helped by subw?Jan Vigne4
PSub woofer speker boxSem2
Help meEdster9222
Audiobahn wooferChristopher Lee2
I feel really stupid but im new at this JustinWrinkle4
Why is there still distortion???JustinWrinkle4
I have a B&W ASW CM Subwoofer and it missing speaker plz help!dave s1
Advice needed on speakers & subsEdster9226
Question about wiring subsJan Vigne7
Help for newbie pleaseJan Vigne10
DIY SubwooferChristopher Lee17
Mirage Omni S-10 subwooferMatej Ostovic1
Add to my listdb-bass1
Velodyne SPL-800 Subwoofer??mixneffect3
Enclosure Questionmatthew christison1
Help with subwoofer?mixneffect2
Outlaw LFM-1 vs. Hsu VTF 3?Patrick L32
A really screwed up connection for a subJan Vigne11
Unpowered SubsLogan Willmert4
Really laud subs... help neededFredrick Anthony Vin5
RCA to L/R Stereo from receiver to subwooferMike Deutsch4
Question about subskevin b9
Kicker kills jl$Craig*Adrianna*Ambe37
Someone please help me with my box!Jan Vigne6
Phase switch?mojoed3
Velodyne dls-3750r subwooferdb-bass1
Question about subwoofersLove_your_hate11
Dayton 12" vs Polk psw10Kevin Tate8
Need helpArt Kyle2
Subwoffer crossover settingsPaul3
I need wiring help!Berny2
S.O.S. with my Paradigm Subwoofer (Please)Jan Vigne4
Mtx 9500 single 10" sub and a kicker 1200 watt amptim1
Help with purchasing a subwoofer?TDog1
SW that can go deep to 18Hz a overkill?Jude Soosai8
HSU STF-2 vrs world???Barbara37
Subs in musicBarbara3
Cerwin Vega RL-28 subwoofer.Barbara2
T2 or p3bill1
How to connect subwoofer in pre-wired house?Berny4
New, I need some help Berny4
Mutant 15 ich subwoofer 500rms ROGERIO SILVA1
Subwoofer cutting in/outmikechec94
Considering B&W or Paradigm SubsM. Brunner4
Got my Dayton 12" today...Devils Advocate10
2 12s or 1 15???CARAUdio20056
Subwoofer, under $200?CARAUDIOMAN20058
Budget subwoofers ?Jude Soosai8
Pioneer subsMatthew Kinnamont1
SPL questionMargie4
Tv sub problemsCorey Brooks1
Downfiring or frontalSamuellel10
The LFE test....Andy Summers24
The Hsu STF-1 came today. (Stf-1 vs Velodyne CHT-8)Don Kelly1
Powered subwoofer for sony dream system?ed v.6
Subbox in trouble!Black05Hemi4
JBL 250 or Dayton low-end 12"?Edster92214
I need some helpEdster9222
Wharfedale Subwoofersnikolas s wells3
Subwoofersnikolas s wells5
Second Sub-wooferBlack05Hemi3
Someone help me choose i have kenwood excelon811d ampdannyfuckinnewguy1
A question about Single Channel Audio Input Isolators for subwooferssjvilla7913
"That's no moon it's a subwoofer" Devils Advocate3
Custom entertainment center with 2 12" vmaxAndy Summers3
Subwoofer boxBerny8
Popping subwooferAndy Summers4
Ebay bid about 2 end!!!Andy Summers2
Subwoofer problemAndy Summers6
Klipsch K-45-K vs K-33-ESkieS9
Connecting my subwooferBerny7
RF Subwoofer Reciever/transmitter?Berny2
Trouble with subwooferBerny2
Realistic RMS PowerMuddyWaters5
Fixing up old subsBen Davis1
RE 12" Subwoofer pricesSubfanatic10
Tricking out an old Paradigm PS1000Paul9
Help me connect my subwooferdevonstringer10
Subwoofer Clearity....Paul3
Subwoofer Setup to Compliment Magnepan MMGsAndy Esselman1
Subwoofer Noise HelpPaul19
2 subwoofers 1 amplifierChristopher Lee3
Subwoofer cable?Paul4
Loud Humming noise with Quest 10" QS10IIRaymond Ngun1
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