SW that can go deep to 18Hz a overkill?


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I have seen subwoofer frequency response
specifications down to 18 Hz on paper for some models.

1. I am not sure whether human ear can sense
frequencies that low. Subwoofers that can go
that deep is a overkill?

2. For music only use how deep is good enough?

3. What is the optimal size of driver (8" or 10")
for a subwoofer used for music only (used
together with entry level towers).

I would appreciate your clarification.


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HA isn't my forte, but i personally wouldn't go smaller than a 12". it gives a movie theater low to it, depending on the sub. i.e., http://ultimateavmag.com/features/704way/index1.html
you are not likely to hear 18hz. that low down is something you "feel." and it feels great.

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It depends on what you listen to. A 64Ft organ stop hits something like 8-10 Hz. A Bosendofer piano hits 22.5 Hz. You will not hear the organ note but you can definately feel it. Also many CD.s of Current music go down very low into the teens. Also a subwoofer that hits 18 in Anechoic may will hit 15 in a good room.

Personally If all I listened to was music then a good 12 inch sub in an enclosure would probably be my choice. I would not get anything that could not punch in the 22-100 range.

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Try disconecting the speakers and listening to the song only with the sub. Maybe you'll find only 5% (if so) of what you'd normally hear with everything in place.

Of course, the wider range the better, however, if it's not for earthquake feelings you might be OK in a smaller range. And remember, it is not that the sub doesn't go that low. It might go, however losing volume. I guess the specs are range within +/- 3dB.

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The optimal size of the driver in a sub for music only depends to a great extent on the size of the room that it will be used in and the associated gear. Also what music are you listening to? For most music in a medium sized room with regular height ceilings (not vaulted or cathedral) I find that 10" is the best size. It's large enough for impact and small enough to keep up with acoustic bass and kick drums. Most music will take place above 25hz so the the key to buying a sub is to make sure that it can produce 25hz at considerable volume with very little distortion and/or port noise (if it is ported).

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Hi All,

Thanks a lot for the useful information.
BTW, how are the following compare.
Kef PSW 2500 (10", 250W)
B&W ASW 600 (10" 150W)
Tannoy TS10 (10", 300W)


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