Budget subwoofers ?


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Any recommendations are appreciated. Any thoughts about the following list. All prices in Canadian dollars.

HSU STF-1 8-inch $399
Athena p-300 $349
Athena p-400 $499
Velodyne VX-10 $299


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Do what I did get the 1000-watt 12 Yamaha YSTSW1500 for about $480 from geeks.com. I'm sure it will outperform the listed subs in your post(frequency range goes down to 16hz). Watch the castle battle scene on LOTR: The Return of The King with this thing and it will sound and feel like a hole was blown in your living room wall.

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yeah man i borrowed a yamaha ystsw1500 awhile back and it is a very good sub for the money it will compete with $800 subs. im thinking of buying one myself. another good one to think about is the velodyne dls-5000r its 1000 watts dynamic power and its a very good sub to for $800.

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The Yamaha at that price seems a good deal. I'm not a fan of Yamaha's specs: they rate the sub down to 16 Hz at -10dB! A much more worthwhile specs would be -3dB or -2dB (as Hsu and SVS use). For all we know it could be 33 Hz at -2dB instead of something better like 25 Hz. But... it's a good price for a 12 inch sub with that size amp.

But Sam is in Canada and getting this "cheap" sub there will raise that price considerably. Last fall, I was considering a "cheap" Velodyne CHT-15 for around US$450, but it turned out to be more cost effective to buy a Hsu STF-3 in Canada than import the Velodyne from a US internet store.

Sam, among your choices, I'd say it's hard to go wrong with Hsu.

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Actually, shipping to Canada might not be so bad on some subs...

Velodyne VRP-1200 12" Subwoofer US$319.99 is C$484.84 at www.etronics.com, shipped to Canada, with duties and taxes also included.

The Velodyne VX-10 is not currently available there, but at US$139.99 it might be pretty cheap at the door in Canada.

The Velodyne VRP-1200 goes to 29Hz at -3dB while the Hsu STF-1 goes to 32 Hz at -2dB. If you can go to C$550, I'd get the (25Hz at -2dB) STF-2 instead ; unless you live in an apartment!

Apparently, this place in Toronto http://www.electronicsforless.ca/ sells for less than the web price when you go in person.


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If anyone is interested, I have a brand new factory sealed Paradigm PDR-10 v.3 and a pair of AMS250 in-walls for sale.

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I am hw much do you want for them?

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I would appreciate clarifications on the following.

If I have to connect a subwoofer to a stereo integrated amp, which is the prefered method ...

a) Connecting the L or R pre-out of the
integrated amp to the sub using a RCA cable
(will I lose any part of bass sound since I
omit one channel? In otherwords does
both the channels of any stereo recording
typically carry the same bass sound?)

b) Connecting L & R speaker terminals of the amp
to the sub (assuming the sub has speaker level
input and output) and connecting the main
speakers to the speaker-out of the sub.
In this method what are the things to be taken
into account? Does the amp power and speaker
impedence(main) matter? Does the subwoofer
load the amp anyway? Do the main speakers load
the sub? Is the sound going to the mains (from
the sub)is high passed? Technically how does

Finally which method is prefered? Any other better method exist?

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