Why is there still distortion???


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alright i have 2 10inch pioneer subs. the specs read that they can handle 350watts rms. i have a 760watt max power pioneer amp bridged at 360 wattsx 1 channel but i split it to go to both subs. i might nbe wrong but i beleive that the watts are split evenly between each sub at 190watts RMS. if i am right my subs should never distort or anything becasue im no where near 350 watts. So why are my subs distorting?? the subs are in a sealed box if that means anything.


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First of all; is your gain set at max? If so, then that would be your problem.

Chew on this;

most amplifiers are garbage. They do not control the volume evenly as it goes up especially above 70% of its potential. When an amps' gain or volume is pushed above that 70% ish level it begins to distort or clip.

This is due to the crappy components (power supply, resistors, coils, diodes, pc boards, etc...) the average manufacturers use.

High end audio equipment (class A) are usually less efficient than the lower rated products. This is because the manufacturers will provide a stronger power supply or better inner components to aleviate the loss of power due to overloading. So a quality amp that is rated at say 150 watts will probably have the same strength power supply as a lower rated amp but will only advertise 150 watts, while the other amp will advertise 600 watts.

Sounds bogus huh? Welcome to the world of advertising.

Class A amps will handle and deliver the power evenly all the way up without distortion or clipping because it has "headroom". Headroom is reserve power that is applied when an amp is at full blast, and say that the recording has a rather unusual boost (say bass, or all instruments playing at the same time), then headroom comes in to save the day. A qulity amp will have headroom and deliver the extra gain without distortion or clipping.


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Another thing is;

When an amp is rated at 150 watts; that means it is rated at 150 watts with the frequency flat. If you boost the EQ or bass knob, then that will reduce the amount of output you will get based on the amount that you increase above flat frequency.

To better understand this is to do research on how decibels, watts, and resistance are calculated.

Heres a link that explains physics.


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Ok try and take your amp lower may take out some of the distortion or try shifting your sub's a diffrent way where do you have em in the trunk or did you take out the back seat if you got em in the back trunk bass should be bumping but mess with the buttons on your stereo in the front to that might help that helped me with my last system i helped with my friends to 12's sony explodes try that if not idk dude good luck to you though
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