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Playing MP3s on your Hi-Fi? The Teac CD-P1260David Mitchell7
24 bit / 20 bit digital to analog conversionDavid Mitchell28
CD Format is dead?leo stierer79
Test-CDThorsten Lux6
Law Of Diminishing Returns - CD PlayersMichael Wodek8
The greatest CDP ever made...leo stierer9
Marantz wins out over Rega Apollo???Nuck73
NAD C542 IssueNick K9
Need wire diagram deh-p6700mpCraig Hezel1
What cd player should I use with my system?Steve27
Cd player w/ rotel and B&WMichael Wodek25
NAD CDP to AustraliaArien4
Kenwood 6 CD Disk Changer Proublemstryvn4
NAD M5 CD/SACD PlayerJiri Chlebovy11
CD player ideas and thoughtsM.R.11
Bose Lifestyle 25 II system suddenly crazysusan ena1
Compact disk won't start spinningChris Koffend2
Upcoming attractionsFrank Abela42
Low-budget CDP help, please!Nick K11
Help.. NAD lcd problemJames Lehmann9
Budget transport to replace oppo 970Jan Vigne17
Is SACD worth looking at?Chris Hazel5
Tube CD PlayersChris Hazel7
Cable recommendation for my new CD PlayerNuck66
Naim and Rega CD playersNuck59
Changing ICs on a SaturnMike B30
Where can I download sonicstage/atrac3 burner?men pc224
Cd playersMike B15
Cambridge Audio CD PlayersMelody8
Noisy Cambridge Audio Azure640C CD playerKevin Corr5
Apollos getting scarce and more expensive?Nuck10
Listening RoomNuck7
Cambridge Audio Azure 640c no audio outputKevin Corr2
Arcam CD 72 vs 73Frank Abela2
CD-player for Creek/MA-setup?jj19
Is it worth itNuck96
What difference?Arien45
CDP Upgrade and System Questions Tyler4
Question on HDCDJohn A.6
New CDPChris Hazel11
Rega, Rotel and Classe cdp reviewNuck3
CD player problemNuck15
CD player for KAV 400 and B&W 805Nuck15
25 yearsJohn Sanio2
Naim CD5i - can anyone tell me . . . Michael Wodek9
Apollo wanted cheap!Nuck8
Reference Audio ModsNick K19
The Vinyl AnachronistJohn Sanio33
Interconnect for NAD C542 & T760yiun yiun5
Rotel RCD1072Rohan52
CD Upgrade Opinions AppreciatedNuck102
Source FirstArt36
CD's stuck in Sharp stereodt15
NAD C542Adam10
High end issueNuck27
Kenwood kdc-x769Nuck2
Oppo Digital DV-981HDNuck32
CD Player to match rest of systemNuck51
Which Audio FormatFrank Abela2
Rega Apollo Defective? Or incompatible with A/V system?joe11ee19
A question regarding stereo rack shelf placement and cd playerjoe11ee21
Nad C542 Cd player problem??Sun King58
Update: Rotel RA-1062/RCD-1072/Audioquest CablesPete33
OT: Glass shelves in stereo stands - opinions?Art17
Troubles with NAD C-542Art9
Anyone hear the new rega apollo yet ???Nuck443
Selling My Integra DPS 10.5 Universal Disc PlayerNMyTree1
Nad M5 and Rega Saturn A/BRav Bains26
Mike and Nuck's excellent adventureMichael Wodek3
Selling KRELL KAV-400 xi Joan Chandra1
CD v. DVD players- sound quality of audio CDsshane monteath19
Marantz cd playershane monteath1
Musical fidelity or new CambridgeRick C Grinstead II4
IHelp with choosing between these two playersNuck10
Numark or tascamzipi dachimp1
Which brand comes to mind when u think of a cd player?chicomoralessxm3
buying an expensive cd playerMister Tomasulo31
How much should I spend on a CD playerArt35
Which CD player to buy?Darren Mc18
NAD - Arcam - Cambridge Audio CD players advice neededvicteo1832
Nad M55 ProblemNuck8
skipping cdp at volumeNuck2
Luxman d351 anyone know about this????jim VARCOE1
Cd player hookup Hawk10
NAD C542 + Verbatim Pastel CD-R = ProblemDmitry18
CD, DVD-A, SA-CD DAC Audio QuestionJohn A.7
CD, DVD-Audio, & SACD PlayerM.R.12
Marantz CC4300 Broken: Want an Alternative. Nout16
Cambridge Audio Azur 540D as a dedicated CD playerLarry R19
Anyone know anything about the AMC CD7James Lehmann1
Marantz CC4300 tapping sound on final tracks, should I return it?chicomoralessxm12
CD-Player for a B&W DM601/S3 + NAD C352 system?Rick Zmiejko5
Musical Fidelity x 10v3 tube bufferarnold6
Cambridge 840CNuck6
Using a UK Marantz CD-6000-OSE in the USJohn Osborn3
Musical Fidelity a3.2 or a308dave7
Cambridge Audio Azur 540D as a dedicated CD playerChristopher Molloy1
Cambridge audio D500SE Mike2
JVC FS-5000 Time setChad Caswell2
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