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New system for $1600Marc Sherman102006-01-13 00:34
Humming sound from speakersDeathToEarthLoops82006-01-12 21:32
Receiver feature?Nuck92006-01-12 21:11
Paradigm vs. Acoustic ResearchNuck92006-01-12 01:58
SDAT SB-E800 Tower SpeakersJR Johnson102006-01-12 00:09
How To Hook up Dual's LU43p to RCA TVpete.mitchel12006-01-11 23:43
Speakers: How they soundMatt12006-01-11 21:55
Unobtrusive 5.1 speaker setup with £2K budgetStof52006-01-11 21:03
Deadhead audiophileJan Vigne142006-01-11 20:06
Dual home theater speaker suggestionsjeff mannoia22006-01-11 05:27
Best Speakers for use in the home...........Michael Cameron362006-01-11 00:53
Speakers jblE100?KK Norris12006-01-10 21:14
Thoughts on older phase tech stuffJan Vigne22006-01-10 04:38
Technics SB-T40J Pady22006-01-10 04:08
Best centre speaker??Dakulis22006-01-09 21:12
Need help choosing speakersBren Stebb32006-01-09 18:04
A small step up in speakersTimn8ter272006-01-09 16:51
Psb replacement, or...Nuck22006-01-09 08:34
To Art Kyle Arlene Schwartz102006-01-09 04:08
Fixed Boomy Paradigm Monitor 7'sNuck72006-01-09 01:32
Replacement driver for Bose AM5 neededsteven manseau12006-01-08 23:39
System Audio bookshelf speakersAlan Good12006-01-08 22:43
Sheilded speaker wire...will it stop HAMM radio interference throug...david pannell162006-01-08 17:43
Best floor standing speakers under $200?Christopher M.802006-01-08 17:18
Speakers built into the wall?Craig Reimer12006-01-08 17:02
Newbie questionkosta12006-01-08 06:22
I need some rear speaker advice.Michael Cameron52006-01-08 00:31
Ok Usher v-9845 speakers!Anonymous12006-01-07 22:42
Am I a Maggiesexual?Michael Cameron172006-01-07 21:22
Need a little direction to buy center channel speakerArt Kyle32006-01-07 19:16
Front Vienna Acoustics: But different company speakers for rear ? P...Art Kyle492006-01-07 16:02
Wiring a Center Speaker with only two inputsNuck62006-01-07 12:20
Infinity speaker upgrade with older receiverAnonymous22006-01-07 03:45
Boomy Paradigm Monitor 7'sNuck222006-01-07 01:15
Jumper bars questionNuck42006-01-06 23:53
Boston?Dakulis62006-01-06 23:09
Polk vs. Energy vs. KefAnonymous42006-01-06 17:11
Poll: How many of you have owned Magnepan speakers?Gavin R. Cumm62006-01-06 16:41
Wiring bare wires into a jackNuck32006-01-06 02:29
Paradigm Studio 20 Nuck62006-01-06 02:19
Ceiling mounted surround speakersNuck32006-01-06 00:06
New music for ChristmasNuck362006-01-05 23:56
High-sensitivity speakersPaul Folbrecht112006-01-05 22:50
If you had $1,000 to spend...Dakulis332006-01-05 21:27
Why do so many of the new speakers sound so bright?Jan Vigne22006-01-05 17:59
Who is this EMMA?!?!?!Jan Vigne132006-01-05 17:58
Maximizing my budget for Def Tech'sMr. Goodbar12006-01-05 17:18
New System for 3500?Gavin R. Cumm112006-01-05 17:13
CD Player DifferencesRick Zmiejko52006-01-04 21:49
SDAT from OverstockJohn Wagner472006-01-04 20:22
Speakers for Onkyo TX-SR702 Receiver help?drama32006-01-04 04:29
Paradigm Ref Studio 20 vs. 40Matt Ru42006-01-04 04:07
Tinkle tinkle...BOOM BOOMArt Kyle42006-01-04 02:23
Question for Jan VigneNuck62006-01-04 00:15
Old KEF C55 Speakers - Repair or Trash?Anonymous52006-01-04 00:14
What center w/4 in-ceiling Polk 6.5"??Sean Pailhe12006-01-03 23:44
Monitor speaker?Jan Vigne22006-01-03 20:44
Do all 7.1 surround sound systems support 5.1 + 2?Bryan Sayer12006-01-03 18:49
Magnepan 12 vs. Polk LSI9Jan Vigne192006-01-03 16:07
Does anyone know anything about ADS or what I can pair them with in...Rusin42006-01-03 14:44
Starting from scratch- Speakers for a new sound systemBerny22006-01-03 11:06
CES 2006 VegasMarc Sherman62006-01-03 04:23
Need some advice on speakersPeter Ranslow52006-01-02 19:57
320BEE and Focal JMLab Speakers?Rumadian22006-01-02 19:43
Wiring confusionJan Vigne32006-01-02 16:07
What amp for B&W DM 220iCharles A. Lippi52006-01-02 15:37
Bose...Timn8ter52006-01-01 12:48
Speaker wireMichael Cameron22006-01-01 04:37
Hooking up a speaker to my mp3 player, HELP!!!Edster922102006-01-01 01:55
Alegria Audio EMMAS (Edster's turn)Edster922242006-01-01 00:20
Question: How to connect TDL speakers to amp?Nuck32006-01-01 00:00
Somebody please recommend some speakersNuck62005-12-31 19:27
Dali Suite 2.8Najib Wong12005-12-31 02:10
Magnetic Suspention Platforms ?John Wagner12005-12-31 01:49
Good speaker match for Rotel RX-1052Rick Zmiejko52005-12-31 01:05
Happy New Year to All Speaker Affecionados!!Keith Brentson22005-12-31 00:43
Surround the homeAlan Ross12005-12-30 23:54
Sony Surround Sound speakerAnthony R. Cunningha12005-12-30 23:06
5.1 Speaker set for PC for under 600 USD (INR. 30000)holy72005-12-30 22:48
Wiring speakersSylvi42005-12-30 22:10
Paradigm Monitors - v.3 vs v.4J.R. T.52005-12-30 18:47
Spl/frequency measurement deviceNuck92005-12-30 13:38
Newbie.. need your opinionNuck112005-12-30 06:11
How to improve ipod sound?Najib Wong112005-12-30 05:47
First correct answerNuck632005-12-30 04:50
Speakers for a Rega Brio and Planet 2000 System-$1,000 MaxNajib Wong32005-12-30 03:27
Vienna Acoustics pricesRIK22005-12-30 02:17
What a difference!RIK182005-12-30 02:11
Wharfedale 9.1 + NAD 320BEE = very good!L Gato52005-12-29 19:14
Novice: Major buy/major questions Edster92232005-12-29 17:03
Surround soundStof32005-12-29 16:51
Niles 4ohm Home Audio SpeakersJan Vigne22005-12-29 16:44
Speakers help under $4kBefuddle42005-12-29 16:39
Boomy KlipschJan Vigne302005-12-29 16:32
Velodyne VX-10BV and Paradigm AtomsAnonymous12005-12-29 14:14
Looking for 3-Way Floor Standing Speakers below $400kris soh12005-12-29 08:02
MIRAGE FRX3Pal Con12005-12-29 07:32
Speaker cables and digital audio cablesBerny52005-12-29 06:48
Help purchasing new speakers Edster92222005-12-28 05:30
Paradigm vs. Def TechZiggyZoggyOiOiOi52005-12-27 22:39
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