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KLH any good?Berny4
Considering purchasing a Onkyo home theater system.....Please Help! Berny4
Monitor Audio Silver Series vs. Focal JM Labs ChorusBerny4
Cheapest place to by Klipsch speakers?Chris6
Bose cubesgavin cumm3
Logitech Z5300 5.1 computer speaker set with dvd playerkemi ilander4
How good areANTIDOT3
Ideal Integration of 5.1 Into Existing Systemblair frodelius1
Need help on compatibiltyBerny2
Computer Compatibility with Home Theater SystemBerny2
Brand informationgiuseppe1
Bose Acoustimass 10 AlternativesBerny11
Logitech z-5300Bryan Schofield2
What speakers should I by for 5.1 home theaterBerny2
Bose rj45 input wiring schemeRob P2
Digital Research?Will Castro357
Speaker upgrade?Thom T2
Receivers to go with the Orb Audio Mod2 speakers???Sam W5
Can someone dummy down the specifics of putting a HT together?Berny2
Newbie --> NEED HELP for 5.1 Surround SoundAli Farsai1
Thoughts on the Paradigm Cinema 90 or 110Sam W1
Infinity TSS-1100 vs. HSU VT-12 & STF-1Alex Douglas1
Infinity TSS-750 vs TSS-1100Alex Douglas1
Speakrs 5.1 for 200$Bostjan1
Best surround sound speakers for less than 1,200 ????Andy Matriotti9
Is a different wire okay?Berny5
Need expert opinion in choosing... I am new to thisAycustic4
Def tech Procinema 60 or Kef KHT1005Berny6
Need surround back speakers recommendation to match with current JB...Paul Wang1
Surround speaker frequency response on & off axis?David Keener1
TOO MANY OPTIONS HELP!! 5k budget need help-thanksmatthew22
Theater research tr-7000 Jason Cartin1
Theater Innovations TI-6000SStan650
Sony htddw880 or Pioneer htp-gs1??Berny4
Denon AVR1506 w/ Definitive Tech ProCinema60 System, any good for $1k?Berny13
HT 5.1 or 6.1 Speakers and Reciever (not HTiB) <= $1000Greg4
Which speakers to buyBerny11
HDMI Receivers?Do, Long Phi38
Salon speakersmatt densky1
TR 6010 Theater Research SystemTyler Hughes1
Home Theatre System using Creative 5.1 Speakerstom mookken2
5.1 Theater Set upBerny6
New Home Theater Room (In Wall Speakers)Jeremy3
Yamaha HTR-5450 center channel issueClint Carbaugh1
Need adviceBerny9
New to home theaterJohn Smith1
16/4 Gauge wire vs. 14/4Michael Cameron5
* * What can $4,000 buy me?? TV & System-Need help * *...Hawk8
HD to play surround sound through my HTIBBerny6
Home Cinema SystemChris Haigh1
Speaker Shopping IS Maddening!!! what could make this easier???? w...matthew1
Logitech x530 speakersJC2
Theater ReserchSeymore5
Speakers for HTR-5890Berny6
2 different brands of speakers with 1 receiver?Berny2
Soup to Nuts Recommendations for new theatreBill Parker2
Can you recommend a subwoofer for under $500?Berny5
Greenhorn needs helptiger woods1
Back to ORBs vs Gallo'sMichael McBry2
Paradigm ps1200 subwoofer problemBerny4
Paradigm & Yamaha?Berny8
Orb Audio - Bose Alternative?Monologue411
Klipsch RF-5 vs Paradigm Studio 60 v3 vs Studio 100 v3Chris2
Need speakers for Yamaha HTR-5440Don Barree3
There is no sound from my BOSE AM10 III SubwooferBerny8
Ebay speakersKevin Gilcrest1
Sony DAV-SC8 Systembob4
Aego T series 5.1Steve Langston1
HELP PLS: Spkrs for HK 340 ReceiverBerny2
Acoustic Research HC6 Kevin J.2
Axiom or HSU sub ?heymaynard6
How much should be spent on speakers?jim watson8
Stereo speaker set upjoshua1
Looking to buy HTiB...need epinions.Cody L.3
Compatibility crazinessCody L.3
I have a questionjim VARCOE3
Yamaha YPS-1000Berny2
Insignia Products any goodBerny2
Please help out the newbieBerny2
Cannot complete Eltax Liberty system :-(, HELP!!!...John Ziemek1
Looking for a home audio/video programmer-integrator!sharlie stahl1
Bose speakers and Denon receiverCasey2
Speaker comparisonMike Eckert1
Now I have it, what do I do with it?Carolyn B5
Building this system. Feeback needed please!Casey6
Does any1Casey2
Totally confused ......need helpCarolyn B3
Need Help - What I Have Inside...JOHN S2
Receiver match for Athena Micra 6?Joe1
Need helpdave hawkins7
Help! Need smallish but good/high quality center channelGavin R. Cumm4
Please help! Want decent home theater, not sure what to buy.Michael Noya14
Protection message sony dav-450Eric Lawrence4
Need help to connect, TV,Cable box, DVD recorder vcr comboWillie2
Need some adviceWillie2
NAD C161/C272 + Klipsch RB-35/SC-35/SB-35sWillie3
Speakers for HK AVR30Willie5
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