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Yamaha/KEF or Marantz/B&WBerny3
Onkyo HT-S780 settingsMark Mastin1
Need help! w/ RCA RT2380Brad Johnson19
Onkyo HT-S760 Home TheaterMark Mastin3
Sony Home Theatre HCD-BC 150 region free question?Anonymous One3
Using optical from satelite receiver to coaxial to insignia htibBerny2
Yamaha yht-360Berny15
Best HTIB for between $300-400silas koopmans4
Denon S101/S301- US/Uk compatabilitysilas koopmans2
Boston Acoustics aVidea vs. Cambridge Soundworks Mega Theater vs??Jeff Myatt4
Losing my channels one by oneNancy1
How good is this Home Theater system?Billy Johnson1
Sub woofer problem with HT920MKH1
Question about JVC TH-C6 and TH-C7Jerry Lee3
Pioneer 1000 W 5.1 Surround SoundSteven Burke9
Need help adding to koss3102ralph taccetta2
Sony DAV-FX80 help pleaseTim vanover1
Sony ht DAV-FX80 Tim vanover2
How good is this?jeff mannoia5
JVC TH-C6 Audio Out problemschuck des1
No sound thru my TV with Bose 321Berny3
Getting an optical reciever for a system that doesn't have optical ...jeff mannoia3
Need help with RCA RT2380 (Cracking for high freq.s)Brad Johnson1
Onkyo HTS 660 - Sound help please........larry varjak1
Pioneer HTP-2600chris lowery4
Polk audio w/denon receiver Berny4
Need remote for RCA RT2380/RT2390 (part #264715)Brad Williams1
Samsung HT-WP38: DVD Player Model is a ????Anon Moose3
Kenwood htb-30rs Home Theater Lalldex5
New Onkyo HT-S770!jward299
A frustrated Samsung-owner with a couple of questions... (please he...jason edwards2
EDS elite digital sound, EDS is a speaker scamAnonymous2
Walmart sound systems any good ( durabrand mainly )?Samuel M18
Advice for buying a $200 HITB systemIsabell1
Onkyo HT-S770 blown speakers?cryptalist518419
Kenwood KR808 =very low volume in rear speakersBerny4
Sony Dream to XBR 960 question....Anonymous1
Considering the Onkyo HT-S870Berny15
Sugesstion Need Immediately !!!!Berny2
Flat wall mount wireBerny2
Playing CDs on Sony HD6900DPJorge Sanchez2
Insignia 200w home theater in a boxJim Rohweder1
SONY AV SYSTEM RM-SS300 problems! Help please!Kevin Ramsay13
New wiring and sound shuts off after a few minutes (help)Tom Brown3
New system helpBerny2
Which is better onkyo hts780 or sony dav-fx80Berny2
Help with DVD Connection, No PictureAnonymous2
Bose 321Berny11
HT-S780 Modified BrillanceBerny2
Cat dva - 2050shaun watson1
Replacing speaker wires -- please advise.John3
Question about connecting the Sony DAV FX-80Berny3
Unlocking an Old Sony Ampjames2
Durabrand, I need some help PLEASEshortcut6
Audio problems Panasonic?Joe Lobao1
Panasonic problem...Joe Lobao3
Need help choosingDavid Wilson2
Question about durabrand DVD player from walmartHattori16
Onkyo TX-SR503Berny2
Help! Panasonic, Pioneer Philips? Newbie I don't know jack!!Jorge Sanchez6
Speaker problems on Panasonic SA-HT900V Cedeno6
Rear and center speaker activity problems (during cd play)Berny2
Center Speakercraigap15
Sony Dream Home Theatre w/ Comcast HD Cable Box?? Help Please...Ivan7
Fiber Optic Audio cable Ivan3
How can I improve the sound on my HTS....I'm a newbieBerny4
Samsung HT-HDP40 ReviewAndy Kiss1
Samsung HT-P50...Help!!Bob Coll9
HT-S780 Static, even with no input, and min. volumeJason McKee1
Convert Digital Coax (screw Type) to Optical CableAdam Whitley1
Problem with FM radio in Neo6/Pro logic II on Onkyo HT S780Shashank Gupta1
Setting up a Sony HT6900DP with a Sony 32" Wega and DVRJOHN S2
Ugh, sound sync question...Katie1
Connecting my Directv Box to my Samsung surround soundAdam Whitley1
Panasonic HT900 defectR. Lewis6
Can't get sound to come on home theater speakers from tvStyki4
HTIB for a Sony SXRD?Alexander1
New Onkyo HT-R8230 HTiB speaker problemsDarren Gates3
Sony dream systemBerny3
Please help a newbieyesim gunel1
Please help with ONKYO HT-R520 issue!Dave S Roud13
Sony Dream System Berny3
Help with Onkyo HTR530 setupXar779
Yamaha YHT-360 W/Sony Floor Speakers UpgradeIvan3
HELP PLEASE: Mp3 files on DVD???Berny2
Help a newbie decideAdam Smith2
Curious about which theatre in a box to buybrian levin2
Harman Kardon CP 35 HTIBJohn Franklin1
OK, so give me a Bose lifestyle 35 equivalent!!!Bret4
Using Bass Guitar amp as Sub for home theaterBuzman1
Looking for a $100 HTIB. Suggestions? Anonymous6
Sony HTiB recommendationDoug2
Panasonic SC-HT15 Users>>>Scotty2Hotty2
Home Theater featuresilya iaskevich1
SONY - DAV-FX100W "Wireless DVD Dream System"j marx1
Newbie Advice neededPissed2
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