Replacing speaker wires -- please advise.


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I have a Sony Dream system, model DAXF80 that was bought for Christmas, but my two kittens have chewed through some of the wiring. Little devils.

Is it possible to purchase replacement wiring with the connectors included, so that I can simply clip the new wiring into the speakers? And if I can, where can I buy this? The guy at Best Buy seemed pretty clueless.


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Yeah, those guys at Best Buy don't really know too much but you can try a Radio Shack or go online to to fix or even upgrade. You may have to put a little work into it yourself unless you wish to have someone else do it for you.

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forget bestbuy and radio shack... I have exactly the same system and my problem is your solution...:-)

I had 16 gauge speaker wires built into my basement entertainment center. I did a little research and found that generally, the larger the wire, the better the signal to the speakers... So replacing your wires with 16 gauge speaker wires should be fine.

The next problem is replacing those pesky jacks that Sony saw fit to use. These are merely cosmetic and to ensure that the positive connects with the positive in your speaker. While you are picking up your speaker wire (I bot mine at Lowes), pick up a pack of insulated crimp-style "butt connectors"; these should be 0.110" in diameter (ask for help to ensure these are the correct size) and a decent pair of crimpers - a pair of pliers probably won't do. The ones I used are blue (color-coded to accept 16-18 gauge wires). Strip the speaker wires by about a quarter of an inch and insert that end into the butt connector; crimp the half that has the speaker wire; do the same to the other side.

Now the speaker wire should either be coded with a a black or white line; as long as you are consistent, you should be fine but as a matter of practice, you should use the side with the black on it as negative - this should go in the negative side of the speaker and the other end of this wire should go to the negative pin on the receiver.

I've got this for all 6 speakers and it works just fine; the blue insulation makes for a very nice snug fit.

I've looked all over the 'net for those damned crimp connectors (their an unusual female crimp connector that accepts a 0.110" pin...) and haven't had any luck finding the right ones; you can remove the old ones from the colored jacks but I can't figure out a way to re-use those connectors without ruining them. Also, they have a spring on one side which seems critical.

If you ever find those connectors, let me know - I'm also looking for them...
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