Speaker problems on Panasonic SA-HT900


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I have a Panasonic SA-HT900 with 6 speakers and a DVD changer. The speakers will occasionally let out a loud pop followed by silence. The sound usually comes back on its own w/in 10-30 seconds (sometimes longer). It's been doing this for about 1.5 years but recently became much worse, making it difficult to watch TV. It's especially bad the first 10 minutes or so after you turn it on, popping and cutting off repeatedly. Any suggestions as to what's wrong?

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i have the same problem with the same system. any luck getting that fixed?

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im not really sure about this sound system because even when its not doing this it doesnt do the job of amplifying the sound very well i have some great panasonic speakers for mine and at -44db i can hardly hear a movie which on another panasonic sound system i would do fine THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS SYSTEM and noone knows wot

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I have the exact same problem.. its gotten worse over the years, and now its completely broken. It stopped working first with the Co-ax in audio, then I switched to SPIF and now thats gone too... last to go was the DVD sound -- now its a doorstop... very disappointed, since stereo equipment, I expect, to last at least 10 years.

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Found this on another website, took in my unit, its on the main console not the amp. My estimate was 100 USD.


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As many others have also said, there is a design problem with the main board on the main unit (not the amplifier unit). The board gets heat up. Mine is pretty dark now in one spot. Sooner or later you will experince the problem depending on how much you use the unit daily. Mine (as well as many others) came after a year of five hours a day of work. Nothing to do with power fluctuation as I also have a surge protector installed.


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There is a solution to this problem! I had mine repaired 3 days before my warranty was up. There is a bad IC (Part # C0DBEHE00011) and Diode (Part # B0BC9R000008) in the unit that is causing the problem. I had mine repaired at Dales Color TV and appliance repair in Bath, Ohio. They had mine repaired before I even got home from their store. You may be able to pass this info to your local service center. Good luck all!


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Re: Popping Sound - Any Suggestions?? [Re: Mehdi] #709083 - 03/22/05 12:43 PM

I got the solution from a website that I'm can't even remember. However, I wrote down the problems that one of the users had actually gotten fixed while just 3 days left in his warranty. I used his info to contact panasonic and they were more than helpful! I had the unit repaired at their expense because I explained that several people were experiencing the same problem with this unit!

I only have the part numbers, but if you contact them maybe they'll be just as helpful to all of you too!

The cost was only going to be 100$ CDN, parts & labor. But I had a free estimate done. But like I mentioned above Panasonic covered it!


Hope this is helpful.

Good luck

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Well... I have the same unit, same problem, and is scaring the hell out of me and the family everytime we use it for movies or tv audio...
manufacturer issue? recall, perhaps?

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