Looking for a $100 HTIB. Suggestions?


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I am looking to buy a HTIB system for my bedroom. I want to pay around $100. I realize I am not going to get a lot for this I just want something in my room for my TV and Xbox. I dont want awesome Bose but I also dont want something that is going to crap out in 1 month. I want to get a better system for my living room later on. Any suggestions would be great.

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bought a insignia from best buy for the kids room works good.

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Thanks for the response. Any others?

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Save up until you have about $300 and purchase an HTIB from a name brand.

There are decent systems available around that price range that will perform more than adequately for your needs and should last you long enough to make the buy worthwhile.

One place to check out is Wal-Mart, believe it or not, as they do have a Sony HTIB with a receiver having DTS and Dolby Digital decoding and a set of digital inputs for your X-Box (provided that you have the advanced A/V pack or the HD pack to allow a digital connection from the X-Box to the receiver). The package also comes with sattelite surround speakers, a center channel, two slim and tall front speakers, and an active subwoofer. The retail price, last I checked, was $248. However, this appears to be available only at stores as they don't list this package online. This system may be a good starting point and should perform admirably for a bedroom setup. - Reinhart

Here are the HTiBs that are available for under $100

Mr. Reinhart,

would you know what's the model number for the Sony HTiB you suggested?

Any info would be appreciated.

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