Boston Acoustics aVidea vs. Cambridge Soundworks Mega Theater vs??


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Looking for some advice from someone familiar with either of these systems:

*boston acoustics avidea (


*cambridge soundworks megatheater ( c1mt610e)

they're equivalently priced, and from what i can gather, about equivalent in "reputation".

my use of the system would be 40% TV, 40% movies, 20% just music in a small, rectangular room (15 X 12). the front 3 channels will be in a corner w/the tv, if that matters. depth of the sound-stage, "immersion into the sound field" and overall imaging are top priorities for me, but tonal qualities can't suck (duh). and yes, i realize: at this price point, i ain't getting top quality anything. but i do want to maximize what i can spend.

i tend to like 'warmer' sounding systems, and don't care too, too much about earth-shaking bass(thin walls, many neighbors). 'muddy' and/or 'boomy' bass response just for the sake of loudness is not desired; quality over quantity for bass response is key for me.

thanks in advance for your advice!


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forgot to mention:

these are the only 2 systems i'm considering for right now, but does anyone have any other suggestions for similar quality systems?


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Hey i wish someone could comment on the bostonacoustics avidea 610 is it a home theater system to be proud off or there are better systems out there

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As a former employer of a Boston Acoustics, the Avidea 610 is a really good buy... Not for the electronics mind you but the speaker system is a great bargain within this package. While I am very familiar with the packages you present, they are two different systems...Cambridge has stronger electronics packages and Boston has a stronger speaker package. The Cambridge products speaker package was developed for this system, engineered to sound great with the electronics package. The Boston product started out as a speaker package and then we purchased an electronic system that worked well with the speakers. Which means if the electronics break, or you want to update you can... Cambridge, while it may sound great as a system, may not work well with other electronics packages.
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