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I bought this HTiB for my husband for father's Day. We set in front of the manuals and became more confused. I understand that the DVD hookup has both video and audio, also the TV, I am confused about the hookup of our cable box. Does it get hooked up through the AV receiver or the TV? Can someone please help, this receiver seems my complicated then our old Denon.

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Look, i spent about 2 hours looking online for a image of this receiver and finding none, started doing a multi-program edited drawing to try to give you a visual instruction sheet.

But i got annoyed with it half way through, so your going to get written instructions instead.

If you will upload a photo of the rear panel of your receiver i will be happy to ovelay it with arrows and text instructions.

Nearest manual i could find to your receiver was the HT-R520 so here goes:

Hook Component video output of DVD player to component video input "DVD" on receiver.

If available, hook Optical Audio cable from DVD output to receivers Digital Input 1

If no optical output on dvd player, hook Coax digital out to coaxial digital in on receiver.

If cable box has component video output, hook it to component "video 1,2,3" input on receiver.

If cable box does not have component video out hook either composite (yellow cable) or S-video to "video 1 in" on receiver.

If cable box has optical digital out, hook it to "Digital 2" on receiver.

If cable box does not have optical out, hook it to "coaxial digital" input on receiver PROVIDED you have not already hooked the DVD there.

If you have already hooked the dvd to coaxial, OR your cable box does not have a digital output at all, hook the red and white analog stereo audio cables to "Video 1 In" on the receiver below the composite and s video inputs.

Hook up all speakers to proper outputs.

Now, you have to go into the receivers setup menu and tell it what digital inputs you used, as it does not "know" without you telling it.

To do this, turn on the receiver, and choose the source you want to set the digital input on, for example "DvD"

Now press the "Digital Input" button on your receivers face. it will initialy show you what digital the input is currently assigned to, if any.

Repeatedly press the button until the number of the digital input you used for that device appears in window. If a digital hookup was not used, repeat this step until you see "analog" appear.

After you have set up all digital inputs you can then enguage your listening mode by selecting DTS on your remote for dvd, all channel stereo for cd and tuner, and surround for TV (cable box) unless you used a digital input from the cable box, in which case you will set it to DTS as well.

Now, get something playing on each source you have, tuner, dvd, cable box and listen to each one at a time in sequence and follow these steps:

while listening to the current source, (say dvd), press the "Ch Sel" button on your remote, then use the "level- and level+" button on your remote to set the level of each speaker, use "ch sel" to toggle between each speaker in the system.

After setting each speakers level on each type of sound (DTS< SURROUND< ALL CHANNEL STEREO)

you are finished, pop the popcorn and throw in a movie.

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Jesus, left out a step,

Also hook component video "out" to your TV set, as well as Monitor "out"

you will have to switch inputs on your tv between component and composite or s video if your cable box doesnt have component video out.

ALso, if you will post the model numbers of all your equipment i can look it up online and get rid of all the eithers and ors and ifs in the instructions.

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This is what I think I did. Cable from wall to cable box to TV, digital audio coaxial from cable box (digital out)to AV receivers (digital in coaxial #1 on drawing), analog audio cables from cable box to video 2 in #10 on diagram. S-video cable from DVD to TV, Optical audio from DVD to optical #1 on AV receiver(#1 on diagram)We have surround sound from DVD. Haven't tweaked the other settings yet, does this sound right? Tried to upload diagram but I get error message i can email if needed.

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Whoops this is what we have Onkyo HTR530(part of HTiB 780) Pioneer DVD DV-C503 Time Warner Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000

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ok, if you dont want to have to change inputs on your tv, run video from both the cable box and the dvd into the receiver, then from the receivers video monitor out to the tv

Plug the dvd S-video into the Dvd video in slot on the receiver.

Plug the cable box into video 1 of the receiver using either yellow cable or s video. also run the analog audio into input 1. put the cable box on a digital channel (those above channel 100)

Then run s-video monitor out from receiver to tv.

now turn the receiver on, and put it on video 1 you should see cable box on your receiver.

Press the "Digital Input" button on the face of your receiver, keep pressing it until it says Coax.

Now you should hear the cable box.

If you still do not, you may have to go into the cable boxes menu and select audio and then digital output and see if it gives you a choice between linear bitstream or PCM. try it both ways.

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I have a feeling Michael is going to be able to respond to my problem if he's not too burnt out on the Onkyo HT-R530.

I went to Onkyo's website and they don't have any support fot the model mentioned above. I've spent a little over 2 hours messing around with the connections and can't seem to make anything work.

I have a Panasonic television (CT-32G5B), a Panasonic VCR (PV-V4621), a Humax DVR (Series 2) and a General Instruments digital cable box (Starfone Model SFT 2).

And I'm trying to hook them all to the receiver. So far, all I've gotten is static and no sound.

I'm going to keep playing with it, but if you're so inclined, I'd sure appreciate some of your expertise.

Thanks, Michael!

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Curious.. for this HT-r530 receiver.. can you plug in svideo and component video connections into the inputs on the receiver.. then simply have the component output going to the components on the tv... (will it auto switch/passthrough the svideo video or the component and convert the signal into component onto the tv automatically)?


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No, this receiver will not auto switch. if you connect with s-video, you must have s-video going to your tv... if composite, then composite to your tv and component... same thing.

Onkyo has full documentation on this receiver... you just have to look under the manual for the HT-S780 HTIB since they don't sell the receiver seperately
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