Samsung HT-WP38: DVD Player Model is a ????


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Greetings all, I have been cruising the fora trying to find out what the model # on this player is and have come up with Zilch.

If there are upgrades available, I'd love to know if they could solve some of the problems I'm having.

For example:

Currently I've had problems with some DVDs, DVD +/-R and the odd +R DL.

All media: some times I'll get white lines covering 40% of the screen and either a "full stop" and play will take care of it, or eject/reload.
Most often happens when the player has been on for a while (LOTR Extended).

But the most frustrating is the Dual Layer Media: Original (DL) media is fine, copies get 1/2 way thru (hits second layer) and will stutter, break up or stop all together.

Frustrating as my old Apex 5131 played these w/o a hitch, but I made copies because disks had a tendancy to "jump out" of the slots when changing disks. Most aggrivating, but the Samsung is gentle, but with annoying problems that I hope can be fixed.

Help, please.

What model is the samsung dvd player in an HT-wp38 (HTIB) and if all else fails: Are there updates for an Apex 5131?

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Could anyone advice a newby HTIB buyer?

I am totally newby to audio, but I would I always would like make an informed decision. I am looking for a home theater system to play DVD's (maybe hook up to computer and do HDTV in the future)that costs MAX $250. I did all the research I could in the internet and am considering the following. If anyone knows anything about particualr model or even the brand in general I'd love to hear your advice.I am considring:

Samsung HT-WP38, $200, 800W (I really don't need the DVD player, as I have on already, and I don;t know if samsung is as good in audio as it is in TVs , but the wireless speakers and usb port are welcome. On the other hand, it only has optical dgital input, no coax digital input - is that a problem?)

Pioneer HTP-2500,$200, 1000W (lots of wats, but I don't need loud music. Pricey considering it doesn't have wireless rear speakers [has pre out puts, what ever that means])

SONY HT-DDW670, $159 600W (Good price)

Panasonic SC-HT05 , $150 (claims to have 1% THD, when other systems have 10%. How is that possible, when they compete in same price (=cost)range? ALos , the amp is in the subwooofer, where as the other systems have the amp in the receiver)

or Logitech Z-5450, $250, 300w (THX certified - does that really mean enything except that the price is higher because of the cost? This is supposed to be a computer system, will it be enough for a 250sq ft room? Am I over paying because it tagets a computer camer niche?)

Thanks for any help, and let me know where to post this if I posted this to the wrong place.

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Well, I guess part of the reason the Samsung hasn't gone back is because if the excellent sound and ability to play most of my burned backups.

Only downside to the wireless speakers is that 2Ghz phones pick up a buzz from the signal....usually when paused.

So far I've not been able to pass volume 20 because it's just too loud for most things, but two "tests" I've done:

Gold Master disk of "Dark Side of the Moon". There is a difference between the aluminum layer and gold layer media. Back when I had $, I'd put this and an aluminum disk in and compare the heartbeat intro at full volume.
3/4'ths of the hiss was gone when playing the GMD.
Same here with this system, and being surrounded by

The other involves a few select scenes:

Serenity: Simon Tam's rescue of River the detonation of the thingy that knocked everyone out. I was grinning from ear to ear.

League of extrodinary gentlemen: Attack in the library. Despite all the sound and chaos of that scene, I could pinpoint where all the gunners were.

Most movies with the THX intro of the "regular", "Fix-it man" and "Moo" variety.

Fix-it man is well done and has gotten my dog's attention, while the "bat-kite" attak scene in 'Lost Boys' actually set her off.
Thought it was a fluke, played it back a few times. Dog was not amused, owner was in hysterics.
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