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Floorstanding Paradigm Phantoms, a good idea?jared yucht1
Merlin TSM upgrade James1
Efficient speakers?Jan Vigne278
Considering active crossover. Worth it?Nuck27
First Speaker Setup...Stu Pitt41
Yamaha receiver-how to expand current setup?Trevor7
Speaker WattsFrank Abela54
New speakers at RMAF 2007 ShowSteven R. Rochlin1
My Speakers...david pannell7
Book Shelf Speaker AdviceChristopher Molloy19
Nohr Speakers. Any owners?Brandon1
Ban wileyFrank Abela118
Paradigm Signature V2Nick K52
Speaker RepairJan Vigne11
BassMichael Wodek5
I need a good pair of speakers and subwoofer sub beinging most impo...Michael Wodek17
Kef Reference 205/2 Vs Paradim Studio 100Nuck4
The Recording Industry Network Articlesstryvn1
Jennings Research?the math guy14
Seeking advice on Infinity Reference speakersNick K11
Floorstanding vs. Bookshelf's and a SubNick K3
B&W Synergyavnovice3
Speakers that match well with an HK AVR 445....Nick K17
Will Naim Nait 5i drive Dahlquist DQ-20s?Jan Vigne5
What ever happened to BIG three-way speakers?Peter Galbraith38
Big speaker.. Small roomPeter Galbraith43
Sound Quality And IntensityAndre Money10
Quad 22L vs 11L2M.R.12
Outclassing in a systemStephen M.27
Speaker System for Denon AVR3808CIShankar Nagabushan1
Wheres Frank when you need him!?Frank Abela9
KEF 3000 vs Mirage vs NHT?ralph cooke1
Paradigm/B&WMichael Wodek63
McIntosh owners ........ Speaker Choice???? Christopher Molloy15
Orb mod 2s or Monitor Audio BR2s. 2.1 set up for musicNuck8
Dynaudio Focus 140 vs. s1.4?bill bretz6
Yamaha speakers?Nick K21
Wilson+levinson+krellDavid Mitchell3
Need 32''+ Stands for Dynaudio Focus 140Jacopo Bonini1
Is a smaller woofer an audio advantage?Dennis Michael Wiley33
Some SpeakersStu Pitt8
It's not the Rosa, it's not the Ling, it's not the Emma, it's the ....Quinn12
Today, this is all the stuff I heard.J. Jarvis8
MTS SpeakersJan Vigne3
Millenium SpeakersAlex Mach5
Anybody have experience with the newer Wharfedale Evo series?J. Jarvis1
Need help choosing Mythos Gem, Orb or GalloJan Vigne13
Im getting married :-)Michael Wodek23
Considering Totem RainmakersNuck51
Peel paint from the wallsGavin60
Basic setupMarc Sherman13
Polk RTi8sStephen M.4
Speaker Placementcody rice4
Any Dynaco fans still breathing?Nuck11
Quad 12l /Dynaudio Audience 42 Opinions???Art8
Matching bookshelfs for NADNuck10
BASIC cable question/B+W 683Frank Abela5
Speakers to match Cambridge Audio Player/Ampchicomoralessxm11
Speaker helpDENNIS BUSH8
New Speakers... B&W 683 vs. Spendor S5e vs Focal JM?Benjamin1
Wharfedale VanquardMax hoffmans1
Bookshelf Speaker Faceoff 2007 @ AudioholicsNuck53
Bookshelf Speakers and amplification options/recommendationsstryvn11
Planar test driveleo stierer1
AV123 has updated the X-LS Christopher Molloy9
Planar guys, need help on this one please.leo stierer4
Usher X719eduardo zarate1
Simple QuestionStephen M.5
Speaker WireStephen M.17
$60 for a pair of Boston Acoustics CR57 is a real good dealDavid Mitchell2
How are, loudspeakers are made. Nuck4
Koss CM1020 Speakers - What's Their Worth???Harrison1
Have some speakers - make them useful?David A Muirhead1
Would you...Mike B30
NYC folk, where to shop for mid-range bookshelf speakersChristopher Molloy7
Where Can I Buy Wharfedale Online?Srinivas10
Polk audio monitor 70 vs. monitor 60Nick K7
Bose powered Roommate II - attach to regular stereo?Gavin2
You want home audio...this is crazyStof14
Looking to purchase MTX TP212... Thoughts? Recommendations?Nuck2
What's a good front speaker to add to my system to...Gavin26
Replacement tweeter/s for blown Ditton 15 XRJohn A.6
Bookshelf Speaker recommendationsMarc Sherman30
What it is we do when . . .stryvn11
Audioquest type 4 any good?J. Jarvis24
KEF Q15 vs B&W DM601 s3eduardo zarate1
Paradigm Studio 60v4 Gavin53
Best compliment ever!--WIFEKevin Corr12
Ohm acoustic model ICornelius8
What is new and great music?J. Jarvis2
DCA 5.5M DriversDavid Spry1
Concrete blocks againKevin Corr1
Matched Speaker for Jolida Tube Ampanaudiophile9
Lots of scopes!scuba steve1
Bye bye B&W's - hello Quads . . .Kevin Corr52
Help me decide...bose Gavin3
System at 1600 USD???eduardo zarate1
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