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Adding a Mediocre Sub to Good Speakers? Yes or No?Andrew Billmann1
Best SQ sub for large area , $400 or lessEdster9222
Pre AMP outs on a combo AVRMichael Cameron4
Anyone out there built their own speakers?Jeffrey C.M. Hann18
All Polk or Mix/MatchEdster92213
Old in wall speaker connectorsJan Vigne11
Banana plugs?Jeffrey C.M. Hann7
Best speaker buying websiteJeffrey C.M. Hann3
B&W vs KEFFrank Abela90
Home Audio for a College StudentByron5
My 2.1 systemMO36
Bookshelf's for NAD C-372 integrated ampNS32
Speakers for NAD320BEE+NAD C-521BEEMarc Sherman22
Anyone using Klipsch quintet III?Edster9225
Cizek Model One speakersPaolo Lippe4
Powered speakers connected to receiver/tunerBerny2
Can someone please help me Berny3
Speaker ConnectionJan Vigne3
Advice on first setup.Amp and speakers.Frank Abela6
Please Help! ORB Mod2 vs. Gallo A Diva Ti, for a 5.1 systemEdster9229
Does audio quality still matter?Clarence43
Outdoor speakersPablo5
Where do I get my serving of Radiient crow?Nuck41
Bass helpDakulis5
Energy vs. WharfedaleJohann Sebastian Bac7
Angstrom Radix 200 Speakers.3
Speaker/Volume placement?Nuck5
Psb B25 or Focal JMlab chorus 706sNate Bhoechyrat2
Bookshelf w/sub vs. dj monitors w/subTimn8ter6
Tried other forums but no helpkamran siddiqui6
Center Channel helpNuck13
Speaker helpDan4
Logitech 5500 - Audigy 2 ZS - no 5.1 sound - rear sounds in frontdanny hamilton2
New dynaudio bm 5 passivet h4
What Amp with Paradigm SpeakersRick Zmiejko11
Proac Studio 140 vs Paradigm Studio 100.Which better ? And why ?Nuck36
Boston Acoustic VR3 vs Polk Audio RTi10Europa76012
Stu's Interconnect ComparisonStu Pitt39
Some quick help.Nick Friedli2
Some quick help.Nick Friedli1
Some quick help.Nick Friedli1
Def Tech - Mythos OneKY Willie3
AAD PMM1 SpeakersEcustic1
Monitor Audio 1200GDan8
Please help with this setupFrank Abela10
Please Suggest some speakers around 500 poundsFrank Abela12
What bookshelf would you recommend with my setup (B&W)?Frank Abela4
Speaker HelpNuck14
Looking for some help with ceiling speakersLoren4
Help On Speaker Set Up For Large Work AreaChris J3
The weakest link kef q15 or nad l40?Edster92223
The $1,500 Odyssey system george1
Looking for speakers around $600tsd1
Where should I buy ERA speakers?Rich15
New Stereo SystemStephen Munz15
Studio Monitors vs Bookshelf Speakers for HT?Edster92226
45KHz tweeters ... snake oil?Nuck59
Are SDAT CES500 any good???Nuck3
Help with surround positionEdster9226
Durabrand PC 2.0 CH SpeakersEdster9224
Dents in dust capsNuck5
Need Help with Polk speakers, are they any good?Gavin R. Cumm7
Speakers to go with Plasma under $2500Gavin R. Cumm12
Speaker switch--Adding another pair of speakersJan Vigne2
Recommended amp/receiver for Klipsch Forte'sPeter Galbraith6
Reciever shutting self offStof2
Totem MitesI.Freumbunski4
Combine in-wall front with mini cube rear speakers?Edster9225
Acoustech Cinema Series ReviewJon Kirst3
I need a bookshelf recomendationsStephen Munz26
Ascend Acoustics 170SEEdster9226
Need review on Wharfedale Diamond 8.4Srinivas Annavarapu2
Speaker OpinionsEdster9223
Need help hooking up speakersAnubis10
MTX Magnum L20 T speakersMark Graham1
A doubt on Rear Speakers in a HT SystemEdster92227
Speaker problem with low freq. or receiver issue? Spencer6
Totem Hawk vs PSB Stratus Silver IFrank Abela12
Era 4or 5 vs. epos m5 or m12.2george10
BIC Acoustech Cinema Series 5.1 Speaker System Jon Kirst10
Im a HT noob need system helpMichael Noya21
Subwoofer QueryJan Vigne11
Swans speakersJosh Arenson1
Infinity RS 525 speakersSteve1
JM Focal Lab - SIB XXL Ecustic1
Totem Arro with Primare AmplifierJules Roben6
ELAN speakers worth itEdster9222
Speaker choice for NAD C272george1
Home Theater Speaker RecommendationsEdster9228
Loudspeaker mod- bigger filling than the casing?Anubis49
Emma vs. polk rti 10 vs. klipsch rf 82Kano6
Another Professional Review of Radiient Tech SpeakersEric Lawrence11
Suggestions for exciting sounding bookshelf speakers?J. Jarvis28
I need some advice in these speakersTimn8ter6
Calling Nick Nace! (Wharfedale Opus and Evo)NMyTree1
Emma vs. polk RTi 10 vs. klipsch RF 82Raj Patel2
Monitor Audio B2 V B&W DM602 S3Adam Allen3
Wharfedale WH-2MMP Srinivas Annavarapu2
Choose dynaudio, bw or totemArt Kyle22
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