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I need power!davids20043
Shove for under $1K (amp+subs)1234566
JL v.s JLswan2
Bass SongRyan McKinney77
SorryRobbie Brown1
What size and type of box Adire ShivaOrji Stitchie6
Location location locationPinhead5
2 dvc sub wiringRichard Adams5
What are these subs?bob the man3
1 JL 12"/13" W7 vs 2 Kicker Solobaric 12" L7sKenny4
JL 6" subs in MkIII GTI?????Andrew Sherwood1
Which are better?Dave Wardle6
Need Help With Amp..Jeff Loughrey2
Glass,quick question.GlassWolf4
Trunk Bass... cut out the deck? JonathanGlassWolf5
Good pair of subs for under 250GlassWolf2
Sound setup in a new TiburonJeff Loughrey3
Wiring 2 shivas with rockford 1000.1davexxxx1
Need Help with every thingPat Lorenz16
Kicker or Audiobahnjason tower3
13w7 on a 500/1BigChris2
Kicker or AudiobahnGrantley4
Kicker l7 12" or diamond audio CM6 12"RND4
Best subs i can get for about 500$$$RND2
Digital Design subsits_bacon122
Breaking in subsJoey Beats3
Help with Alpine 10" Type S subs enclosureAnonymous1
Loads of questionsGlassWolf14
Couple qustions 800@2 Capacitor eclipse titaniumAnonymous1
Really need help on kicker.Dave Wardle11
RE SE12its_bacon124
8" JL w7its_bacon122
Xtant, coustic or Infinity.....Richard Adams7
Only 1 sub works at a time? WHY?daniel stanislawski5
P.Millers or L7?Richard Adams7
Do i need polyfill?davids20042
What to buytimothy pardella2
PLEASE HELP MERichard Adams4
Rattling Trunk! Please help!Richard Adams5
How are gs design subsAnonymous1
Help davids20042
Parallel wiring: 2-4ohm subs, 2-8ohm subsits_bacon126
So... wat do u guys say to this?Makaveli4
Good Subs03Exploder2
Need help finding amp for 2 12" subsJ-dub bob3
Statement for all membersMatt Lavallee10
Went to an audio shopGrmncrsnbr7
Helpp please........i need to make the decision soon davids200416
Questions about wiring a subdavids20042
Help spend my money! Advise Needed for a newbe.davids200411
Is it safe?GlassWolf4
Wow extreme ebay'nJeff Loughrey3
What amp do i need to get them at there peak?Dave Wardle6
How can I tell....?Jonez7883
Infinity SubwoofersJonathan2
What is polyfill for?Jonathan2
Can u push 13w7 with diff amp than 1000/1 with same power?Jonathan15
Speakers for a reason!GlassWolf8
Enclosure for ID MAX 12" glass,jonUmair Ronn2
Sub makes a THUMP when i start my this bad, please help...Doug Ptacek2
Freq TuningJayJ6
Quick Question! Probably easy!karl tanner9
What sub for S-10 regular cab???Jonathan4
Problem with front speakers....Anonymous2
Sub Wont Hit LowJohn Smith8
Need help quicly please!Jeff Loughrey2
What the...kickercomp3
Box Specs For a Pair of 12W6v2 kickercomp2
I need some help choosing an ampJayJ6
What type of box is this?GlassWolf4
Sub recommendationsJayJ11
For SaleRobbie Brown3
Brahma 15"Robbie Brown2
AHHHHH! Help on box problem!wronganswerglasswolf6
Xtant X Series SubwoofersAnonymous1
Can anyone help me outits_bacon124
System helpits_bacon122
Finding A Subwoofer's Impedancealex derus1
What is better?Michael7
How many cubic feet is this box?Suicide-Shifter3
Wats betterits_bacon129
JL AudioGlassWolf9
Anyone know???GlassWolf2
Cheap car electronicsGlassWolf5
2 Alpine type R's 4ohm+4ohm need help with amp!Michael1
Opinions on L7's and my setuptimothy pardella2
Best Sub for $50marshall white11
Rival for JL 12W3v2davids20045
Better bargain wooferLazarus6
1 JL Audio 12w7 or 2 JL Audio 15w3Eric Fultz4
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