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HELP on the SX1250.1 ASAPTimmy39
Yanks fan.................Thieves61
Still looking for a 4K Trade for Orion amps, Ibanez Bass's, OC or ...MeSoDumm23
My new ride(pics) supercharged ; )michael foland25
Lincoln meet upTimmy22
New ampTimmy5
Last Bit of advice b4 i get themscott s13
Car Audio Experts!! SUBWOOFERS???Nick S.19
Tore my sh!t up-Eric-8
Steve millerThieves2
Enclosure, port directionThieves2
10" FI Q Vs. 12" FI QTerry Fong5
Whats the max input voltage for a nine.1cal payne2
Mach 5 audio 15s30hrtz8
Wiring ProblemHNIC8
Head UnitM.S.21
Almost routed my finger.JK32SHO26
Should talking on a cell phone while driving be restrictedReece Brassler40
Best ~SQL~ 12" in the $250-$300 price rangedenim12
Wiring MethodJoshua Moye8
Rockford Fosgate subs and ampNick Jenkins6
Eclipse SW7200''s 12"Nick S.1
Eclipse SW7200's QUESTIONNick S.1
Big 3justin loew6
SI bmSomeDonnieDude27
What TC sounds subwoofer is this?Zpeedy McLovin3
Db drag?JK32SHO4
ED 13Av.2BCS1
Older rf sub.Chris Stiles16
Sound DeadeningChad Lee15
Does wiring matter that much?Andrew Capps16
10CUFT @ 38HzTimmy11
My system pics..... check it out :-)...Walye Jahedi35
Pioneer Subs ?Chad Lee5
Who was asking for the 15" wanger sticker?matt27
FS: Flip-Out Eclipse-Eric-7
Here is the Secret Santa ListBernyMac8
Best Budget RCAs[...Rovin...]8
Need Your Guys Help[...Rovin...]3
Cmon need a quick answer30hrtz44
A lil help pleasedavid4
Port tuning questiondavid6
Who has an equalizer?[...Rovin...]9
WTT xtant 4ch for a small monoblock or 2 chMike Loudon3
Wiring subsChris Stiles7
Good Trunk Mount EQ/Line Drivercal payne11
Different EQs Advantagescal payne6
Hey steve.M.S.3
Us amps or sundown?M.S.30
What cone material do you prefer?zac davis25
Tahoe Build updates *picsTroy Jones33
Chad Lee how big was your sealed box for the RL-S?Chad Lee5
All weather proof sub box??Nick V15
Alpine CVA-1005D-money8
For subBig_Edge_Head3
Sub/Port Position helpVC2312
My old system, let me know what you guys think.Mendon Mafia5
Small trunk, box design helpBCS24
Help fast !!!! wiring 4 ohm amp with subs need help?asapmichael foland3
Soundstorm amp keeps blowing fuse???????michael foland5
What do you guy think?Chauncey Brown7
Box plans and wiring tips are here /\/\ike11
Diamond vs. JLMendon Mafia9
Dual 1 ohm sub wiring optionsKyle Longbrake2
(2) S15L7 or (1) 13W7?nickyp021915
Dual 1 ohm sub wiring optionsVC231
Can someoneKevin1
Ground Loop Isolators/Noise FiltersCanaan2
12" with only 400W RMS...???SomeDonnieDude12
EpicenterChris Stiles16
A good 500rms SQL driverMendon Mafia19
Amp rack progress fan... with pics check it out guyscam13
Eqcal payne12
Interchangeable Port Build LogNick V17
Why??? good amp?BCS36
MMATTS SUBS < TO MUCH POWER ????Robert Young14
Need helpdavid1
New box buildscott s5
Cam's system install pics... Check it out... Whatcha gonn...cam14
More Power to my HEXs?Mat Dope *****10
Pics of my new 12"Mendon Mafia14
Prank We Did At WorkChris6
Digging myself a holeMendon Mafia13
Subs and Amp?nickyp02199
Sundown Audio SD-1 10's or 12's and SAX-100.2 combosMJ23dynasty32
Quick question for zacKevin9
I'm Back - Fr!ggin MicosuckNick V37
Matt DopeMat Dope *****3
Amp gain settingsMark Fantini29
System install on holdP. rick4
Call outs and $hit talking - NO CRY BABIES ALLOWED!Naledge41
AudioPulse to be sold at PartsExpressZpeedy McLovin9
Subwoofer box holeSnow6
Anyone have these???SomeDonnieDude4
Fi 15" BTL $200DaJewofKrunki½28
Zac davisCharles S.1
What will fix a small crack n the coneMJ23dynasty8
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