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Mr.King Rob....hifonics?{Mr. KingRob}4
Better SQL SubRob9
Separate chambers for dual voice coil subs?American Pit Bull Te7
So whats up with Ascendant Audio Rob6
Remote turn on lead for two amps?Rob9
Logan..Mat Dope *****17
Spray on Sound Deadener?jamie1
OT: making videos smaller Eddy DieZe4
DD Z subwoofer???Kevin Holden4
Soundstream XXX-10000D Chad Lee3
Earthquake PHD5000D at 1ohm... anyone?bumpndatrunk6
Putting my first box togetherjosh miller4
OT escort 8500 vs. 9500iM C4
8ga. speaker wirechevy4life3
Tuning for hair tricks.......only looking for opinions..... :-)...Andre Money2
Powering two hd3 15'sbo ellis5
Powering two hd3 15'sM.S.2
16 guage wire for ohm wiring?yKiLLa2
Vid of dd9515's flexing my ride...KiLLa31
DD's What????M.S.12
DB rating for one 15" TREO TSX Justin14
Vids of 15" FI SSDlucas beckner14
Calling out snarl2004{Mr. KingRob}1
New description for the DD z series subs-Eric-15
Phoenix GoldJoey DeSalvo31
2 big @ss car batterys james caroll4
Im a Wanger! 15" SSD Review/Pics/VidBlaze3516
Would it be worth it...Chris Tonsager12
Box techniqueChauncey Brown3
Sound Quality SubwoofersJoey DeSalvo25
Blanford's Box -Eric-12
Installing L7 questions help plzDwight Smith16
2 12'' audioque SD 2.5s or 1 FI Q?steve skwarek7
Box CarpetPaul Larrea4
15" WanginPaul Larrea12
Jesse D's BoxJesse D.19
Cut my ports today...guess how loud :-)...M0nkeyman69245
My New Box¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤10
Should I get a cap?Corey Dalton12
Found a sony video...Corey Dalton9
15" SSi as loud as three 12" JL W0s?B5
Component amp: i need one!!Corey Dalton2
Component amp: i need one!!james caroll1
Good 2000w rms amp{Mr. KingRob}29
Jesse D's BoxLogan1
Ed and dls?Brad Warren4
Step by step guide on installDwight Smith1
Building A Box Questionsrob2
Install pics..Corey Dalton6
Need help I might be screwedrob6
Jordan's DD9512s for sale...Jordan Singleton34
6 Diamond 12'sgrant law17
RIMS!!!!!!! post picsKyle Longbrake53
:FS: 4 Treo SSX 18'sRichard Veach19
WTF RCAS AND 2 AMPs = crap =( KiLLa9
I need a box planNick V33
12" Q for HOME AUDIOMat Dope *****20
2 12" Volfenhag DVC series VS. FI Audio SSD 15sean16
Fs: pioneer premier 780 :-)...Joe Blanford25
Old system that got stolensplfreak33
0 guage or 2 guage?Dwight Smith10
I don't understand...Rob7
Buying CD'sWolfman18
HO alt question(s)TJBaSsMeKaNiK14
Fi q or bl? chauncey....shawn fleming7
Amperage at idle?Andre Money6
Can someone help me with a plan for my R's james caroll6
Box plans, ppl who know please double check 4 meJoey DeSalvo4
**New box** pics indeedChad Lee12
Money to play payne17
What size speaker wirerob9
Just wondering....Yanks Fan17
Trevor eatonTrevor Eaton10
Wiring Dual 1ohm Sub to 2ohm loadJgelp75
2 JL 13w6's and 1 10 or 8 w3matt smith6
To Sean)Questions to NOT ask here. Yes you.Renegadesrun2
TC-1000Andre Money3
Fi SSD questionsJgelp77
Ya, it's 15 inchesReece Brassler18
Is this a good boxCarl4
I need a web site for box plans.Goofy3
I need a websit for box plansGoofy1
Having a bad day? Readjamie7
New Box Pics!bass_monkey19
Box questionbass_monkey3
Alpine type xBen Rodgers20
PowerBase Xtreme 15's Flexing (Video)Josh Smith1
Amp for co'sCorey Dalton6
Blown Subs...BeN5
Kicker kx1200Mat Dope *****6
Bassman3 needs some advice before i start investigating :-)...Mat Dope *****4
Getting glue off MDFjamie7
Going sealedMat Dope *****8
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