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I had my brother's Infinitys running in his car perfectly. I took them out to test my new box and my Kenwood amp wouldn't turn on. I figured something was wrong with my amp so I reinstalled his. Now his won't work. I checked all fuses and the ground and power. Any ideas?

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when you say dont work..you mean wont turn on..or just no output?

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Remote maybe? does the amp power on? if so then maybe it is your rca.

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No, the amp won't turn on. It doesn't go into protect or anything. It just stays off. I have my remote turn on connected to the HVAC blower fuse and it is still fine. It's p!ssing me off!

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power, ground faults? also look at the speaker connectors and fuse holders... heck somtimes u just have to sand those bits a little to work.... good luck.

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" my Kenwood amp wouldn't turn on "

Yeah, a lot of kenwood amps have that feature...

But seriously, it can't be the amp is you tried a different amp and that one didn't work. Measure the voltage at the amp and go from there....

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Test all the actual wiring with a test light or DMM.
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