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Help a new guy out...James Longo6
Clip to the assassinsMuddy8
I so want this!Muddy9
How do I wire 2 JL 10W6V2-D4 subwoofers into 2 Ohms?Muddy7
Dynamat.... GOod brands... does it matter?Muddy7
BTL 15 PICSChad Lee101
Dream weaver web editingrichard9
Arsenal 12 and what amp?????????Logan6
What s this song called02GPpIMPIN2
Re xxx 15s question? loljay10
176.6 with 1 x dd9918, db dragJoey DeSalvo22
Z1 AmpDrSmithHD34
TREO SSX15" DUAL 2ohmctmike28
Broken Amp[Kéviñ_Previé]3
Box carpetmarc8
Noob question. Can a 12 get as low as an 18???charlie5
How do you tune a sub box02GPpIMPIN3
Good box for 12" cvrsbassman33
Underpowering by AlotJ@Yme31
Mick plus 0awg =)Rob23
Need good box for 12" cvrsYanks Fan3
Trying to replace the stock HU in a 95 bmw 325iAdam1
Kinda disappointed in my sd2.5'sshawn62
Calling all deh-p780mp owners!! (or people know about this unit)...derick067
This is my kenwood 1700 9102D Amp and my old kickersHayden Fusilier4
These subs any good??james caroll1
Box buildingmat dope2
ColdTroy Stafford12
LOLOLOL funny!!Kyle Longbrake19
JVC KD-G820ty mutlow4
FI Qsqlcrazy3
Question for experienced box buildersTroy Stafford17
Fi ssd - flatwind or copperYanks Fan7
Hey dont post in "I broke my back window out"KiLLa63
4k rms|\/|aTT |F61
OT:my carkris ackermann4
Its Friday the 13th Everyday for me.grant law23
OT-SonicElectronixgrant law10
OT: mp3 cdsrichard3
Decible meterslilrob2
Blowing a subMuddy7
I just carpeted my box! PICS!!!Wahl7
Ot: songTrell16
J/wTroy Stafford2
J/wTroy Stafford1
Upgrading Sub/amp, would like some inputTrevor Meyers4
Bad azz hummer....hits 150Logan23
Wiring question!!! hurry!!ty mutlow8
Haha WTF?grant law9
FS 12w6v2 used with grilldrivingreckless2
Revised plan: Best SQL 12" period/ and best under $350grant law16
JD IS BACK UPJames Longo4
OT>JUST saw Farrah FawcettMuddy10
Mr. KeboMr_Kebo3
How much would you pay?ty mutlow7
ALPINE 9857 and changer Ipod speed connectorty mutlow1
Which is better??Logan2
FS.....amp and speakersrichard7
Sub with the best sq[Kéviñ_Previé]6
JVC KD-g820 vs pioneer premier 870 HULogan3
Gettin another kicker!!!justin ogle3
Overall BetterRob15
HOW MUCH ARE DD3500d AND DD9100cJoey DeSalvo6
Low-hz goin out of buisiness saleKevin Holden32
OT>Donationsmat dope7
Winter time[...Rovin...]8
QVC's wiring ohm diagram help!!!!SuicideJack8
OT - where can i get...Jesse D9
2 amps 1 sub[Kéviñ_Previé]5
Got metered today.[Kéviñ_Previé]26
Sound deadnerAndrew Capps16
Whats good 12s michael foland13
Top subsRob4
I have....justin ogle11
OT>WinISDmat dope7
$300 limit for subshawn6
Does Anyone Have One For Sale?Robert3
Box is done, picturesRobert29
Ascendant Audio DealsRobert41
What u know about gettin loud????Robert48
Help me please, they are blown =[ =[ =[Robert6
Peep it.Robert1
Solos vs compvrjames caroll17
SQ subwoofers?Muddy17
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