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*******CHECK THIS OUT*******alpine type x - $90...cutlassAApower212
12" Comp VX vs ArsenalSteve11
Selling...Joe Spose3
12's or 10'skris ackermann8
Subwoofer in the doors?rob swingleman14
Budget systemMatthew McCollom12
!!!!HELP PLZ!!!!.D.12
Help!!!!joe black3
DEREK , ne advise?Mike Loudon3
Need Help With WiringTyler Allen5
Any one out there selling a system[Kéviñ_Previé]30
Will this work??Mike Loudon9
DD 9900Muddy Waters10
Amp dd 9515 [...Rovin...]24
Plz help meATF17
Ot now is this oer pricedMatt Kitzis4
Setup suggestionsrob swingleman7
Critical Mass Subs? Any Good?ATF4
Tuning question...mikechec99
DvdDarek Fanton2
WMD Subwoofers?-Eric-9
Subwoofer RecomondationscutlassAApower16
WMD Subwoofers?Archie Clark2
OT- batteries»»» DrUnkBoB «««4
B i need your help!plz manChad Lee4
What's best 10in sub for under $200J@Yme20
Im now a box headSeth Lowe7
!!!CVR BOX!!!Chad Lee11
Alpine type R question ?????Chad Lee2
Ever heard this subs???juliob8
What would yall do?juliob7
Amplifier to power 2 kicker l7juliob3
Assassin or type R??mat dope21
The best boxChad Lee4
Im really confusedcharlie6
Audiobahn aw1206TsJes Sakmar6
I-Pod Darek Fanton7
1600 watts rms...capacitor???kris ackermann6
Treo helpcorey andre taylor7
Two type'r's and one kicker 1200 amp. What sub would be better in s...cutlassAApower2
Ahh i cant log in to J desig forumctmike7
12" Sub Under 175 shippedracer50113
Cv, fusionHalter5
15 vs 12Halter13
Budget subwoofersHalter13
OT Does this count as a subPelon15
What would sound best???rick quigley5
OT-my car got messed up too lolPelon27
Type R alpine....juliob11
Alpine SWX-1242Djuliob36
JL 13w6 : )?James Longo13
Cerwin vegaandy F17
Im now a box headrob swingleman2
About the 90$ type-xNate So23
Alpine Type X $90 Weight andy F2
Alpine type e helpandy F4
HO alternatorandy F7
Now that i'm not getting my type x's I need your helpJonez7888
Buying helpsteve3
RMS DD 9515charlie6
Wiring help?ty mutlow3
Box in trunk or somewhere else?jaymes rakow16
Progress pics, although not completely up to dateATF12
Id box--------•2
Box for CVR 12Pao Trifyllara4
Sub wiring helpbassman33
Best SPL sub? Money no problem.Pl4yboy34
I need a good system....helpalteraudiousa18
I think I made up my mind?taylor174
Clarion subsAstrosafari3
So i went to a stereo shop today and.....juliob17
12" AA Arsenal BoxMO8
Assassin or cvr??lolrob swingleman2
Weird subsLiCiD4
15" Treo TSX or 15" Kicker CVXdrivingreckless8
OT - OMG , FUNNIEST EVER !!! ........juliob4
Box Help!!!jaymes rakow4
Sealed or Ported box for 2 Brahma 12's???mikechec92
Subwoofers with only the face in the box....JustBlaze4
To invert subs do you need to switch polarity??charlie5
Id or alpine???Casey Wood8
HELP bump?.D.4
Alpien type E....Matt Kitzis5
What is a good woofer for under $100Trevor Meyers17
Rockford Fosgate P3001 for one 12" type Rdan rollins6
Matt Kitzis....i have some questions for youblaine westropp8
Orion many amps of fusesChauncey Brown10
New list !!!!!!!!!!!((((((((((((((please read this before u postttt...dan rollins21
Bazooka power!?mixneffect18
Decide between 8" jbl or kickerKameron Helmuth3
Eclipse amps, are they good?bassfishing4
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