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Best Subs for the Money?Sean Whetsel1
Help Subwoofer Pricesalteraudiousa8
I need advice a.s.a.p PLEASEalteraudiousa6
Is it OK to underpower a kicker CVR?[...Rovin...]6
I dont want to sound cheap but...sean25
In dash dvdAnonymous19
What is a good High End SUBMark Highland20
Is this a scam, it has to be!Jake Hill15
Required fuseAnonymous3
What is the differerence between a Kicker COMP VR 05CVR122 and a K...Mitchell Stone4
Off topic - Full exterior/interior view of 91-94 explorerAnonymous7
These are the right CVR's right ?bassman32
Mtx 9500Brandon17
Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro or Kicker L7 or Alpine Type X or Kicker SoloXDustin8
JL 8W7Brandon6
Check my workTerry64051
PORTINGjordan huddleston1
Slot ports vs Round portsTrevor Eaton15
TYpe R questionYoung James11
On RE12.1 amp witch will be louderDemon Pride8
I wanted to share this I never thought bout this idea beforesean9
Off Topic - Fasttt Cars.'~DAYE£?~'.30
This is funnymatt fournier7
Does anyone have a 15" L5?Mitchell Stone5
Will this box hit the lows?Young James16
Is there any money in selling car audio on Ebay??Kevin44
12w3v2 jl audioty mutlow5
Is this overpriced? RE XXX15" and mtx 1501dsean4
Posts/(to)/Time being a member at ecoustics. AvgPelon58
Kicker solo X?Pelon6
Better getting a smaller sub, or run a bigger sub on less wattssean11
Just got my Arsenal 15"s !!!!!!!!!!!!!SiX7
Tone that can blow subs?Jeff Lackman3
Best bang for your buck sql sub?Pimp30
Do reccomendations for boxes account for displacementalteraudiousa3
What should i go with????frobro2
Amp for my SXChauncey Brown11
Sub box questionbassman37
Box for 2 jl13w7's. anyone want to make one?Pelon8
Off topic - Opinions on this digital cameraNOL1M1TSOLD1ER21
Loud sub box|!¤*'~`NE$TER`~'*¤!|9
PA Mofo-12Jay B.8
Where to buy car audio wholesale?Anonymous8
Popping noisesPimp3
I need a wide bass range !!Mitchell Stone5
Tone that can blow subs?Pimp7
What will I need to InstallShawn M4
H2H challengeJames Longo5
3 JL Audio Subs. What amp?James Longo15
Glasswolf / slope & crossover questionMO7
2 ID12 V.3 or 1 IDMAX V.3MO2
Box building helpNOL1M1TSOLD1ER2
What should i go with????NOL1M1TSOLD1ER8
JL 8W7Rich1
Chevy silveradosPaul Jividen5
85 dollars?Dustin14
FS: Stereo Integrity Mag 12 and 15Trevor Eaton16
L7's in an Ext. Cab Silverado?Casey Wood4
Best SQL Sub for arround $250Polo15
Voice coils spent?James Longo11
Good Subs?????ryan b6
2 12s or a better 15Chauncey Brown11
How is this possible?Polo21
JL audio subsChauncey Brown17
Which would be better?Marcus Thompson6
SUBS HELPMichael T Mays1
Any1 know anything about tinting windowsS.P.D36
Kicker Solo Baric bridgeLUIS CISNEROS7
Powering 12" CompVRs with a KX1200.1ice2
Box for Kicker Solobaric S15 L7Carlos Viana3
Idea's pleaseGrant Collett1
Best Subs for under 150$Chauncey Brown14
Where can i find RE subsNight Mirage35
Why does everyone hate L5's?alteraudiousa10
Solo x / chauncy?Pimp5
How do i read my private not findin it..Night Mirage4
Is 4 AWG good enough for an RE 12.1 or should i use 2 AWG?blaine westropp3
Keeping amp coolS.P.D11
Whats your opinionucfsaxman3
Are kicker C15 comp's better that L5'sNight Mirage3
12" or 10" arsenals? Not much time left!Paul3
Alpine r boxEric Sony10
Isn't mounting an amp to a enclosure a NO NO?[...Rovin...]9
Off Topic--- need some ideas!!NOL1M1TSOLD1ER13
Directed audio xtremeshane m1
What do you look for in a Ebay seller?Brandon5
Need help with angles of speaker in trucktimothy scott1
O buy what is better L5 or cvrNight Mirage13
Need alot of advice about ev's timothy scott1
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