Tone that can blow subs?


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is there a such thing as a tone so low it will cook your subs?

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I'm not sure that the tone has much to to with frying a sub but i could be mistaken.

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not if the tone is clean, without distortion or clipping.
what does damage speakers is clipping or using a sub in a ported box without an ISF and playing below the tuned port frequency.

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well for sure the clipping and distortion but any tone or music at a volume that exceeds the mechanical limits or the power exceeds the thermal limits may have a chance at blowing a speaker. Also a fun thing to do is hook a speaker up free air to a powerful amp and turn the bass boost all the way up and watch it shake rattle and pop. I hooked up a pair of Pioneer 6x9s to my CC-D1200 and fried them things instantly. Much fun.

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we got bored at the shop one day and took a factory midrange from an old toyota and wired it to a bridged Orion 2250SX.. and cranked the volume to full on a soundboard alpine head unit, then turned it on.
blew the cone clean out of the speaker.
cone hit the ceiling in the store, and little bits of paper cone floated down like fallout.. it was nifty.

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i'm calling PETA:-)

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P.E.T.A (Please. Eat. Tasty. Animals)

Hold up what does peta have to do with subs? I thought PETA was to protect animals and has nothing to do with speakers what so ever. Or did i mis somthing in the past posts?
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