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W3 vs w6jones palmer8
RE SE or Ascendant audio's arsenalbaseball11879
How are Kicker COMP C12's as far as SQ??Chauncey Brown5
Where to buy the new compvx subsmarshall white11
I have diamonds but wondering if i should get a new ampEric Sony1
Best bang for your buck splAnonymous1
Blue wire coming outmatt thigpen5
What are the top 4 brands for subs?Chauncey Brown15
Plexiglass windowmikechec94
Sub or subs for Hifonics bx605blaine westropp5
HELP me wit a box|\/|aTT |F2
RE SX 12/15marshall white2
Hey any suggestions out there?adrian2
Assassin vs. w3Brandon Marthinsen1
Amp Problem A8000TChris Engarde9
Pyle subsPimp5
How can I fix my Avalanche 15"Dustin12
Ascendant audio vs jl audioBrandon Marthinsen1
Everyone please read.....(Breaking in)B6
Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold Double HelixPimp6
Hey any suggestions out there?|\/|aTT |F2
Can I wire this?blaine westropp3
Sub or subs for Hifonics bx605mike young1
12's VS 15Chauncey Brown21
? about the spl port S.P.D12
Help choosing subsmike young1
JL Audio AlternativeThomas White7
Hey any suggestions out there?corey, PhD1
Question about nitrous..sorry its unrelated..ucfsaxman17
Budget of 100$»»» DrUnkBoB «««7
What should i do?sean3
2 subs vs 1james1
Frequency responsedklotusjuggalo5
The BEST sub for deep bassB45
Guys I Need Help With Weight >>mahde zahdeh5
Kicker L5 900wty mutlow9
13W7- pioneer deh 9600-1000/1 JL ampty mutlow8
What amp should i get?Suicide-Shifter3
Fun Sports Car Poll !!!...........Pelon51
Memphis subsChauncey Brown5
JL w3 vs IDQJames Longo5
JL Audio AlternativeEric Riffe1
Jl Audio 12w6v2 vs 12" Audioque HD[...Rovin...]4
Does Kicker Make Any SQ Subs??Dustin7
JL 13.5W6V2ucfsaxman2
Sql setup?James Longo9
TI vs SXalteraudiousa7
My subs are smokinJames Longo17
Off topic but this is funny....'~DAYE£?~'.10
I just got jacked!!Brandon11
Enough?matt thigpen6
System gona cost more then car lolJake Chesley37
Recommended sealed chamber volume for SX 15s?Polo4
2 15" DD 9500 worth $700mikechec95
Dual voice coilsscott DeBaker7
THIS BOX!!!???Smoke_316
RE components?blaine westropp3
2 kicker L5's..sealed or ported???Travis LaMance6
Amp for 2 12" eclipse titaniumsJake Hill6
Whats my box tuned to?Mitchell Stone2
1 sx vs 2 vmaxTerry640510
Size ampsean11
Best spec. ampbaseball11874
Ascendant arsenals?|\/|aTT |F5
My SX videoRESX127
Amp for 2 12" elipse titaniumszach271
***Subs causing static in interior speakersmixneffect5
RadioJames Longo3
Does ascendant audio do custom voice coil ordersJames Longo7
Which would?Chauncey Brown2
New System - HELP PLEASEJay B.7
No answer in h/u please...alpinekiller7
My amplifier up for sale on ebay mtx 81000d 1500 rmssean38
Brand New never used Sherwood xat 120 for sale sean5
Temp system till im back on trackThomas E Miller25
Any1 know anything about tinting windowsscott DeBaker10
Homemade boxes!Joseph Lewis3
Box positionsJake4
Jeep wrangler tj box dimesionsshane m1
Whooping Assphaltadam vanderzouwen24
Diamond D6'sSteven Sudzina1
SUB Problems!!!!Brishan4
Used for something more than a paper weight?Chad Lee5
Installing a Head Unit...please helpmikechec92
Eclosure cost?lucas beckner6
Does anyone have a solo L5 in a ported box??lucas beckner9
Long throw subwooferlucas beckner13
Can two subs share sealed enclosure?lucas beckner22
Impedance ty mutlow2
Infiniti subs any goodPasqual3
500 dollar budget Pasqual1
Mono ampsWay2MuchBass4U7
I ordered my arsenal|\/|aTT |F2
Subs in a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokeebaseball118717
Box positions!Jake1
Best spec. ampZulkir2
I am building a 4.9 cubic foot box with a 49.5 sq inch port will th...Mitchell Stone1
I have never heard a system before what is the difference between S...sean12
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