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AMP FOR 200 RMS COMPS Anonymous3
Amp for JLChauncey Brown3
Help me choose an amp(and sub)!mojoed10
ED NINe.1 vs Orion 1200DChauncey Brown13
Rap Bass Songs In NeedChauncey Brown72
Amp wiring : rca cablesNick Wilks2
Need Help: Will this set up work ?* Rovin *12
James longo i got a question* Rovin *8
Cs 500.5 to 2 alpine s12'sJared Ray Bain3
2 Alpine Type R W/ MB Quart Reference RAA1000Jay C7
A few questions about amp ratings (ohm load,etc)Matthew Moore1
Car audio amp question* Rovin *3
What amp should I use for 1 12" REaudio SEChad Lee6
Alpine amp or Jbl GTO ampZach7
Please help me!!I jmixneffect7
Need help with wiring ampsBryn Mountford5
What kind of ampmikechec92
What amp should i get for these subsChad Lee2
Best wirng option for kiker subs* Rovin *6
What amp for kiker cvr 10" 4hm double coil fred lara1
2400 watt max dual 2 ohm sub + 2400 watt 4ohm amp = Death???Chauncey Brown15
Good combo???Chauncey Brown4
Particle Board OK?mikechec96
Best amp for me* Rovin *13
2 hours left on ebay !!! ! Pioneer Premier DEH-P860MPJames Longo3
Continue of the HT vs car audio subJames Longo1
I need help finding an amp for my new subszack safern6
Kicker power ratings overated??Chad Lee4
JBL & Eclipse 8810 dcv* Rovin *2
Phoenix gold xenon 1200.1 vs ??? need 1000rms watt amp!!! help me o...brandon jus8
About my car amp* Rovin *5
BEST AMP for 2 - 15" kicker CompVR'S dual 4 ohmJames G2
Soundstream Van Gogh vs. Phoenix Gold XenonAudio Wizard2
New to all of thismarky420696912
Best amp for infinity speakersjoe ruskowski12
Rockford fosgate power seriesAnonymous1
Rockford fosgate punch 45 hdquestionAudio Wizard3
Power wireAudio Wizard5
BEST AMP for 2 - 15" kicker CompVR'S dual 4 ohmChauncey Brown5
Need input please :DChad Lee5
Sherwood XA- 1240Q 240W Luis1
How should i wire my amps and subsChad Lee14
Wiring 2 amps to 1 outputTyler2
Please helpblaine westropp7
Amp help pleaseeblaine westropp8
No Power.James Longo15
Anyone familiar with the Pioneer PRS-D3000SPL amp?James Longo2
Amp decisionJames Longo2
Xenon 600.1 - good amp or not? anybody at allChris Thomes3
Help greatly appreciated* Rovin *2
Can someone help me finding the right Amp* Rovin *4
Newby question about proper setupmikechec99
Kenwood or Harman Kardonkuldip tangri1
Can i split the preamps?Jexx2
Ahaaa! Another newb with ?'s :-) xtant, SS Van G etc...mikechec910
Plzzz help me out with this amp!!!* Rovin *4
Just got the audiobahn A8002T and have a questionPatrick Graber7
Jeep ProblemJames Longo3
Question on wiring subs/wattageDavid West20
Supplying PowerTonyBones6
New set up, kicker and fosgateTravis Schwickerath22
I found onetwo4fifteen5
Kicker SX or KX???two4fifteen8
4 ohms? 2 ohms? 99 ohms?* Rovin *4
Blew my subs finallyChad Lee6
Some quick questionsYoung James2
Nothing WorksSam Brown5
A box for my truckmarshall white3
Question about tuning my amp?John Dispo8
Question on Installation for 2 12" subs and 600 watt amo* Rovin *2
How can uAntonio Martinez III7
What does this meanChad Lee6
FusesLukas Hoffman29
Amp settings.justin schmidt3
Which is the better deal?mikechec96
Amplifier only works when car is turned off or when i hit brake!waldo landry8
Im stuck with a wiring problem.Seth Lowe6
Phoenix Gold Xenon 600.1 and ID IDQ 12Brian Tucker6
Profile Amps? Good call or good crap?James G6
Audiobahn A4004T problemsjoe ruskowski2
4 channel amp to 1 sub* SuperFly *5
Anyone work at circuit cityRobert15
Trying to upgrade an ampRobert2
Underpowerring subsCadillacDb3
Sony 250 vs Audiobahn 220 dub1002CadillacDb9
Hiw should i put my boxMatt5
Wut gaugeJames G3
Nothing to do with amps but wiring.Eric Sony10
Amp install kit* SuperFly *6
Amp won't turn onChad Lee4
60 watt pioneer ampCarAudio2
I need help please guysCadillacDb8
Amp repair...Brandon2
One more ? about mtx* SuperFly *7
Amp For SaleSiX4
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