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Can 1 of one brand be louder than 2 of another, glasswolf?GlassWolf5
What box to use?Infinity Addict2
Hey guys what do you think about this.:-)Apocalypse9
Are the RE SE 10's any goodAdam10
RCA signal amplificationGlassWolf2
Question on Eclipsemikechec910
Chk my ride and also need sub helpsam15
Subwoofer choiceINam6
Pics of my unfinished system!scuba steve10
Rockford vs MTXDaniel Tosi1
Is Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1d worth $35 more than Alpine SWR-1042D?scuba steve23
Not car audio but another trick for gas milage and horsepowerGlassWolf23
AC/DC power converterGlassWolf10
Electonical questionJuston12
Glass ... ne one who knows about Yellow tops... help me outGlassWolf2
Does adding more subs add more draw from the alternatorGlassWolf4
Two qwick questionsSubfanatic4
Sub Help!!!!!!!scuba steve24
RE12'sChris Klein29
Four 10s versus six 10s with same ampInvictuz8
Sharing a port?GlassWolf8
Amp for w6v2Anonymous4
XXX and The Avalanche Those who heard Both onlyJames Longo25
SPL CarSeth Lowe24
Bass tubes Anonymous3
Which of the 2 is better78elcaminoman12
Infinity reference 1230 subwooferMark Cruz1
Plez help me whit these subsCompluva2
Can you fit 2 15'' L7 in a dodge single cadJustin3
Snuck in Through This Back DoorMike9
SUBWOOFER HELP donnie martin3
Advice//review? just got a present from my GF :-)...Subfanatic22
Most X-max with 400 watts RMSBabyBrock5
Amplifier questionChris Person6
Thanks GuysJames Longo4
Price for a JL W7?Simon J Casey4
Amp power holes to smallBassManMIke4
Are these any goodCompluva2
05 tacoma regular cabtim1
Adire brahmasBryan Swegman7
Amp for 27WXJustin Peterson1
How can u tell what farad Capacitor to getBryan Swegman24
Tubular port for 12w6v2 d4nate2
Blowing a subJustin5
Buying a 10, any suggestions?Bryan Swegman11
W6 vs. W7Quick Shot13
Sub's Sub SaleJustin50
Is this sub any good???Justin28
New Car, New StereoChauncey Drinon6
Are type x's much better than type r'sallende54
Amp for ID MaxSean Gibson6
Several questions...Sean Gibson32
Witch out of the two are better78elcaminoman1
12" W6v2MO7
Amp efficiency? GlassWolf8
What's The Best 15"?MO10
Favorite Amp (hurray)Letto5
Wiring Subs Together?Isaac W.2
Ever heard of Elemental Designs?Justin4
Apology to SubfanaticChristopher Lee5
Anyone got some eclipse for sale?Subfanatic2
15" kicker comp vr sub enclosure specs mikey cogneto3
Glass this one is for you or anyone else of knowledge box anglemikey cogneto10
JL 500/1 amplifiertaylor1713
WORD OF THE WEEK: ExcursionJames Longo7
Need plans willing to payJames Longo3
15" vs. 12"LiL Jon9
Ported Box - Tuning a Slot Port boxChris Thomes5
For all the NOOBIE What's the best brand questionsSean Gibson22
Is Digital Designs Good? Overpriced?Sean Gibson10
My first system is ALMOST complete! And another question...Justin5
ClippingLou Fisher20
The local audio shop...Chris Person12
Kove 10' or 12'WhiteRhino721
Rockford fosgate????.....anybodyJC5
Vented Sub Enclosure78elcaminoman2
Bandpass boxShawn3
Whats the best subs for low booming bassmikechec912
Box for atlasmikechec94
How can i tell if my amp is clippingIsaac19
Gain settings on 2 ampsJuston3
05 kicker cvr's?Shawn5
Alpine VS MTXJuston54
Cold or Hot weather dangerous to Sub?Ryan8
New to car audio...need some advice :Dtaylor1715
Question for GlassWolfJoe Smoe3
About: Posting OpinionsJoe Smoe15
Adire Audio Outletmikechec91
Need Help with BOX Design / Eclipse 15 Ti ported enclosure ?MO11
Sub for a jeep wranglerLuis Landois1
SubsRielly kramore1
Glassssssswollfffff, im calling you out lolSubfanatic2
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