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New possiblity for subs...mikechec95
Sound Quality SongsDavid Brunner54
Sale!?!?! lolLiL Jon13
Not car audio, but Hockeys back !JC24
Sean need help with abc boxLou Fisher26
MO's Super Sale MO38
What subs are better for this amp: mtxthunder81000d...KICKERL7(silv...Adrian Alonso Zazuet1
Please help SUB PROBLEMSFishy16
Best amp for JL Audio 10W7 MO8
Kicker 05 CVR12, Shawn18
Alpine is awesomeMark S112
Fiber glassgrease dog3
Cheapest alternativeMark S21
Anyone know anything about these subs?Jack13
GTA: SAN ANDREAS?? gone???Justin40
Question for glasswolf or anyone in ecousticJake Hill2
Just curiousGlassWolf6
Good deal?James Longo22
Polyfill-SealedAaron Hobbs7
JC...Shawn M4
SETUP QUESTIONHi im drummer036
JC...Shawn M1
Does RE Ship to canada?Chris Klein6
Wiring Jensen's ParallelChris Klein16
Dual VC 800watts/coil?Quick Shot2
What to do w/ 2 kciker comp-108sChris Klein3
ATlas WiringJames Longo8
Need some Good adviceJames Longo19
JL vs. RL-pChris Klein5
Final thoughtsChris Klein5
No visible damage to sub... but no worky... is it blown?Fishy11
Anyone know this songJack4
Box for two 8'' jl w0Subfanatic5
Fiber glass enclosure?Compluva2
JL 12w6v2 Ported Enclosure up for sale ! ! !MO22
Question for them Gold Members..Dustin Stock13
Home Watts vs. Car Wattsmatthew31
Kaption AudioAndrew2
What are boxes tuned to?Jmmcool3
Is this a good amp??Quick Shot4
Glasswolf can i ask u somethin?GlassWolf4
Just wonderingdustin pettit5
Linear Motor Technology/New Sound SplntersSubfanatic7
Trade/sell page. Other is too full.taylor1743
Build Me A Box.John Doe3
Yellow top vs red top batteryGlassWolf7
Computer and sub..Shawn M2
AMP SETTINGS!Subfanatic1
Are mb quart subs any good?mikechec97
Sub Placement???mikechec99
Reconsidering. Quick Shot7
What are some good amp brands that will push around 800 rms at 2 0hmsean8
Question about a box on ebay...tips6
Need your opinions please!Subfanatic13
Cerwin Vega V-Max's Vs. ......John McCourmik4
Would a Audiobahn (2-10") 600 RMS to a 300 Watt 4x70 Pionner amp???...Zachary Hoeppner1
Bring your 8s! stuff for trade..Justin1
Glass quick Qes QGlassWolf6
Please help with a box?Justin1
No More RE XXX/New RE XXXmikechec95
Help in reconfiguring (I am adding a sub woofer)?Naras1
RE xxx 12".. excursion height?mikechec97
Dynamat AlternativeJeff Loughrey6
DVC-2 amps?dustin pettit7
Pink NoiseGlassWolf7
Help picking a sub?Jake Hill32
Woofersetc down?mikechec912
Subs talyor jerome spurlo1
DD Audio's WebsiteDR MAX25
2 rockford P3 subs.. 2 different amps ....Doug Zator6
Just Ordered 4 RE12's!!!Apocalypse33
Completely offtopicApocalypse2
L7 15 D4 questionsJeff7
1 or 2 12'sMO17
Ported box Q for Type XMark S7
Which is betterAnonymous1
Need help plzAnonymous1
Infiity Kappa Box Questionmixneffect4
2 JL 12w6v2's Ported ? ? ? / anybody own this setup or heard this b...MO8
Pics Of Your System!!!!!!Anonymous78
Epi need to know THE BEST!!!!!mikechec98
This amp power 2 P3 subs??Greggs7
Upgrading system, anyone use premier's TS-W5000SPL?jon doe13
Amp + box for 2 15" L7'sScott7
Box HelpShawn M3
RMS of Atlas?mikechec93
Enclosures for JeepsPat5
Acrylic Box, Where?GlassWolf15
Kappa perfect vs. W3v2'sQuick Shot4
Kick panel pods!!Jack3
Quick Question Josh Miller2
Best Enclosure for Infinity Reference 1030WQuick Shot2
Atlasdustin pettit3
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