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i was just at dd audio's website and i was checking out there record thing were they show every1 who uses dd subs and there spl numbers and imo i don't think they are as loud as every1 says they are cause one was using 2 9515 and was only hitting 159 i think, but yet my friend has shocker sigs 2 10's and is hitting 156 in ss boxes, so if he had 15's i bet he could easily do 160plus and yet this guy could only do 159, but every1 on this website talks about DD like there god when it comes to spl comps, and don't get me wrong there subs are some of the nicest you can buy, but i'd rather spend $500 for a shocker sig and still be as loud as a $900 DD 9515.

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How did you're friend measure his db's?

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dustin 2 the 95's arent their spl line of subwoofers. 95's are the subwoofers you can use for everyday because it balanced out as i woukd say spl/sq 65/35....check spl numbers with their 99 series subwoofers.now those subwoofers are 1 of the baddest ever made so far..And i tihnk they have a new subwoofer out thats going to surpass the 99 series but it costs like 5g's

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156 at the ports maybe.
get him meteres at the dash, in a sealed car on a termlabs mic, and scan a copy of his SPL pass sheet. I want proof he's hitting 156dB fully sanctioned with two tens.
Shockers I could see it possible, but I'd prefer to see proof of this one.
159dB is a tremendous amount of SPL by the way.
compared to your 156, he's +3dB, which is equal to your friend's system with basically TWICE the power.
You need to understand just how big of a difference +3dB really is before you start badmouthing a score like that.
Especially if that's unmodified class, in a daily driver car.

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ya he was measured with the old tremlab mic, and i wasn't there but he says it was measured at the dash, and to get the proof will take me a while cause i have to find my friend and then find a scanner so give about a week on that. but the way every1 was talking i figured all the DD subs were purlly for spl. and i know all about 3db is like twice as loud to the human ear but, 156 w/2 10's and 159 w/2 15's. ohh i tried to find the spl numbers for the 9900 but i couldn't. ohh and i'm not "bad mouthing" DD there subs are some of the best but, i'd rather spend $500 on a shocker that can perform just as good if not better than a $900 DD.
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