L7 15 D4 questions


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I bought (2) 15" Kicker Solobaric's Dual 4ohm (the chrome ones) after ditching my 4 audiobahn 12's and amp. I wasnt satisfied with SPL or Deepness, so I got these hoping they will be alot louder than the 4 12's (audiobahn 12**N natural excursion series).

I'll be powering the 2 15's with 900watts RMS each 1800 peak from a Class D amp.

Now that you know all that I have a few Q's.

1. I've been thinking about having a vented box built to around 40hz since my amp's lowest Bass Boost Frequency is 40hz, good move if I want Loud DEEP Bass?

2. I've been thinking about 3-4 L7 15's in a sealed box, would 2 15's in a vented get louder than 4 sealed? The sealed box would be close to 1.8cf per chamber (2 subs).

3. Vented or Seal whichever way I go, would polyfill make me lose SPL? or would it be good in my case?

BTW whatever I decide it has to fit into a 96 Impala SS, and the biggest dimensions I could probably go is 14" deep, 60" wide (outer diameter)..

If you guys could help me it would be really appreciated.


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no sealed there not a sq sub u would want ported

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in theory you gain 3dbs per extra sub and 3dbs per each ported box so 2 L7s ported would get just as loud as 4 L7s sealed..anyways like scott sayed those subs are pure SPL just port them...tunign the box around your frequency from your amp sounds like a good idea 2 me

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ok so i should definately go ported.. now i can either do

44" wide X 17" deep X 16"-17" height


53" wide X 13" deep X 15"-16" height

what do you guys think, and will this be good for me?

big enough?

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hmm can anyone tell me how many cu ft that is, kicker recomends 3.0

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