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2 Different Subs On 1 AMP?James Longo2
Need Help choosing.Shawn3
A guideJake Chesley8
***Sub*** Box* **Help***...Hunter Warren3
Two orion h2s vs re X's 12Hunter Warren5
Im stumped???Hunter Warren9
Best compset for 320 or under ebay price... xxx?xr?perfect?diamond?James Longo4
Biggest subwooferSUBZer023
Image Dynamics or InfinityJuelz31
4 ohm + 4 ohmtaylor175
Alpine or EclipseBIG ed4
What should i do to this kid.....Seth Lowe26
Single or dualtaylor173
Need a loud a$$system wit louds bass in the car an out way down the...scott DeBaker17
Any good??????????Jake Chesley20
Resonant RE 10"Isaac W.3
Picked up my new systemRyan11
Looking for subwoover recomendations mikechec914
Ported or Sealed???Ryan12
What subs, what amp, and what setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chris Person6
People Crack me up!Isaac2
Hardest hitting sub (Below 15'')?????Anonymous17
My dual chamber 6.5 tangband abc box is done sean9
Building a 10" sub boxGeorgina butch4
What sub do i need?tommymagal3
Alpine MRP-350taylor177
ATTENTION every1...not important but!!!!taylor175
Audiobahns, Power Acoustics or something else for this setup?Simon J Casey5
Pyle subsQuick Shot6
Still need to break in?BIG ed3
Looking for Good Component....Ryan28
MidBass driver and enclosure suggestingsRyan2
Unusual/Custom enclosure builders website/contact info Invictuz1
Can a volume of .48cf provide the same level of output as .65cf?Invictuz20
2 Ohm or 4 Ohm for Mono Amptaylor172
Which Box For 2 IDQ10D4 V.2'sLetto3
Jonathen,glass,pretty much any goldmembertaylor175
Sub Wiring Series, and then Parallel?Invictuz2
Whats the Best 1000 watt amp with the least current draw???Reiko Valdaz14
How to wire 3ohm?Knacko2
Is this a good box?Chris Klein4
JL vs. Mcintosh????Jonathan2
ID or IDQ ? (Please help fast)Jonathan2
Those who are smart about cars (unrelated to this forum)Jonathan15
Watch this vid, what is it proving?Jonathan16
New box for orion 15 h2aaron miiller1
Subfanatic..rally lol jk jkTrevor Eaton13
Think I made a discovery for a new box design guysTrevor Eaton3
I have an issue..taylor177
Can i do this?taylor174
PS3 vs Xbox 360Isaac34
Diffrence stylesd of mounting ?Mike2
Rockford fosgate t2'staylor174
Xtantrandy clardy7
Quick QuestionRyan7
What about 2 Rockford T1 15'sWater4
2 15's or 2 12'sRyan2
Most Over Looked Sub?kojo1
A budget systemtommymagal11
Does anyone know how to turn a car subwoofer into a comp subwoofer?sean4
12"L7s or !5" comp vrsAnonymous8
DD and Soundstreammikechec914
Soundsplinter RL-i'smikechec97
Need help pleaseOso1
BEST SUBS????mikechec93
2ohm subsmarcus2
General questions about subs and amps.. Im new, please helpMandi6
2 subs ported vs. 3 sealedStevie doo21
Where to put my port?Thrush4
Alpine SWR-1242D Thrush6
10" subs for trunk???Wahl33
What size box?taylor173
Tuning a box... ?! Help...taylor174
Diamond Audio M6 or Kicker L7???Jack7
Looking for 2 12" subwoofers....Mike5
W6 vs W3Anonymous1
One sub out, but have two subwoofer amps?BassManMIke3
My test tone results...sean36
High bit converters vs LBC/ Alpine vs PioneerChris Person5
My sub stopped pounding...Brandon riddell5
Which is better; 1ohm, 2ohm or 4ohm load?mikechec913
Whats the real power of the jl w3mikechec93
Well i guess nobody on here knows how to build a box?sq junkie6
What are some other forums???Invictuz2
Amp for x x xJeff Loughrey2
Ports?Jeff Loughrey2
Best visual? Acrylic, aluminum or wood?mixneffect5
Bandpass can it still be yoused?Ryan4
Cheap but good amp for volfenhag zx4712 12" subsscott DeBaker6
Clarion pro audioben3
i have a question about my subsMike6
Most positive effects of loud bass!!!budget minded16
Dual 2 Ohm, or Dual 4 Ohm ?taylor1712
Johnathan, Glasswolf, Fishy, mixneffect?mixneffect3
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