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Ok, I read stupid reviews for like audiobahn subs and people like to say that they can make pictures fall off in their house and stuff. One guy even said he was just driving by his friends house with his system all the way up and made a picture fall off his friends wall. C'mon, is that realistic whatsoever?

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maybe if the car is inside the the garage. and the pictures arent hung right. the other day my friend was fixing some dents in my car and just for fun we turned on my systems just to feel the bass, and his mom walks into the garage all mad saying that her pictures are shakin off. i've hit 137dbs with my stuff, not super hard, but enough to get small stuff movin.

i know for a fact that some bahn fans like to put more than two subs into systems, just cuze the flames look cool and well they hit super hard, but i think the only way you shake crap off a wall is if your real close, and the stuff isnt hung right.

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Exactly, and what frequency of bass has a lot to do with it. It's possable, just not likely, unless he has a bad a$$ system. Audiobahns do get loud, just like any other sub, but you could do that with any system, if you have enough power, and right set up.
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