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This question was asked on a different forum and i couldnt answer it but i am always wanting to learn new things so if u guys could help me out it will be appreciated :-)

Two speakers of different sensitivities.....say one is 88dB and the other is 96dB. Obviously one will be louder at the same wattage than the other one. But at some point, the 88dB speaker should be able to catch up to the 96dB speaker if given more power.

Back when I first got into audio I read in a Crotchfeel(crutchfield) catalog that a speaker with lower sensitivity and more power would sound better SQ wise than a speaker at higher sensitivity and lesser power.

If sensitivity is just a measure of a speaker's output at a specific wattage(1w/1m) then it stands to reason that at some point the two different speakers would output at the same volume level, though it would take more power to do it on the one speaker that was less sensitive than the other. At that point with volume the same dB wise the only sound differences should be just characteristical differences between the speakers such as metallic tweeters or not, poly cones or not. But volume should be the same dB wise shouldn't it?

So how do they get that lesser sensitive speakers and more power sound better than more sensitive speakers on like deck power only??


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Speakers with high sensitivity are loud and also uncontrolled.

They are louder (higher sensitivity) because they react (create more output) more efficient than speakers with lower sensitivity.

Basicly a Community loudspeaker (used in live stage sound) has a sensitivity of 95-102 dB, While a Seas loudspeaker has a sensitivity of 88-91 dB.

The comunity stage monitor reproduces loud, obnoxious, choppy, and uncontrolled sound, while the seas driver will reproduce a flatter, smoother, and truer more dynamic sound.

It all comes down to what the speaker will do with the electrical signal it is given.

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Community frequency response graph


Seas frequency response graph


Notice the difference between the two. The community has a higher efficiency but does not go as low as the seas. The seas is much smoother (flatter) in the range it is designed for.
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