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Connecting Sky to a DVD/HDD RecorderJim Zep12006-03-12 14:03
Direct tv or dish network?eddie32006-03-12 05:20
LG-3410A HDTV Tuner/DVR - Why can't I find one to buy?Wally Henderson32006-03-11 02:59
Adelphia dvr with dvd seperate audio than hdtv.David Massey22006-03-11 00:17
Packard Bell - Easy hdd Recodrer - Region Codesjack daniels22006-03-10 10:50
Arn't DVRs (mine is COX) supposed to skip commercials when recordin...Scooby Doo42006-03-08 19:25
HD- DVR'sAnonymous72006-03-07 19:48
Best Way To Hook Tivo Up To A TV or AV Unit? Andrew Young12006-03-04 14:41
Problem with the new Direct TV Plus DVR!!Puckhead42006-03-03 18:43
Gray side panels with 4:3 display on 16:9 TVclthoma292006-03-02 19:24
Need help with my s-videogalen schwartz12006-03-01 21:31
Disc read error on a copied dvd Anonymous12006-03-01 17:26
Dvr scientific atlanta 8300Anonymous52006-02-28 18:37
New DVD Digital Recordersych102006-02-28 12:39
Using TiVo to record from Pansat 2500APano Concha, M.D.12006-02-27 18:26
Motorola dual tuner dvr to dvd recorderKevin Horan382006-02-27 18:17
Panasonic dvd video recorder dmr-e75v ,dvd-r disabledAnonymous12006-02-25 20:31
Moto 6412 III Program Info Shifts LeftRudeDude12006-02-25 19:42
My DVR remote's zoom has been cancelld by my TV's zoom..(or smthng,...andy terhaar22006-02-25 02:47
TIVO to DVD Recorder, copyright problems!?!Tresa Clark82006-02-24 17:01
How do I record onto my computer straight from the DVRkimodom gdot52006-02-23 18:52
LG TV & DVR + Sky + VCR Connect?Chris22006-02-19 11:15
I was getting free HD channels through my cable companyAnonymous12006-02-16 04:25
Need help transferring home movies to computer!mike12006-02-15 22:20
New dvr does not work?craig12006-02-14 05:53
HDD and satelite recordingAnthony Pooley12006-02-14 00:16
Help re: TVGOS setup on panasonic DMR-EH50SBill Westman32006-02-13 15:58
Component tv dvr craig12006-02-13 02:07
Help with tivo 2 TCD540040joe now12006-02-09 23:44
DVD-R Advice for new userDavid Massey22006-02-07 18:59
Charter DVR... Does it need to be from them?CZ63142006-02-06 09:25
Sky+Anonymous12006-02-04 09:56
Has anyone gotten DMR-EH50 to work with Dish Network?fx22006-02-03 16:28
Sony DHG HDD500 SA cablecard issueslarry gresack12006-02-01 16:17
DVR Box to PCP Money12006-01-31 22:08
Is there a sat` dish on the market that can be used from inside the...petemcbride12006-01-31 16:40
Explorer 8300 hd not authorized Stuart Rabinowitz12006-01-31 04:18
What's the best on the market Mr. Palm Tree12006-01-29 02:39
Burn DVD video from a DVR file on PCvanessa42006-01-27 20:26
Samsung VP-D351Justine12006-01-27 17:38
**PLEASE HELP*** RECORDING TIME FROM CCTV DVR TO CD\DVD...jerry trala12006-01-27 13:41
Direct TV remote - Mintek Televisions.BigJoJohnnson12006-01-27 08:30
Need Manual Sony Handycam Hi8John Mc Dowell12006-01-26 16:21
UltimateTV to DVD recorderChristopher O Claibo12006-01-25 21:51
Online PPV - DTV disabledinformer_snow12006-01-23 20:57
Comcast / Motorola DVR - crazy pixelation problemnatesta22006-01-23 05:51
Connection problemsken wade12006-01-21 16:08
Cooling my HD DVR cable box!!!Anthony Tigero32006-01-19 20:11
How to connect a Dish Network DVR to DVD RecorderDishRep62006-01-19 16:46
Need basic DVR to record TVAnonymous72006-01-15 19:27
Do I have to use the box that Comcast provides?Ccoleown12006-01-13 00:44
Parental lock on Philips Tivojohnny steves12006-01-11 21:07
Tivo menus look particularly badPatrick Ross22006-01-11 15:36
Cant get DVD Player to work after hooking up to DISH Network TVDavid Massey42006-01-11 00:54
Copyright dvdsMike Ferris22006-01-10 19:12
DTV tivo freezingjohnny steves42006-01-09 19:16
8300HD and no sound via HDMID Singh32006-01-09 07:31
Low resolution on Comcast DVRRob Chew42006-01-09 02:13
8300HD and no sound via HDMIBPlasma12006-01-08 16:39
DVD upgrade path???David Massey22006-01-07 17:24
How to connect DVR..Eli S22006-01-06 20:52
DVR and DVD recorder with the same TV?Matt Zolensky22006-01-04 05:10
Connections CABLES,S-Video,component,RCA wats the better oneJonathan L32006-01-04 01:02
Watch One Channel While DVD Recording Another?jeez67212006-01-03 16:21
Convert to AVIJonathan L22006-01-03 00:36
Jus a hookup question-iv been rakin my brains..Jonathan L12006-01-03 00:33
Sony RDR-GX315fx22006-01-02 19:37
Replacing hard drive for DishNetwork 522 DVRdish52232006-01-02 10:20
Dvd hookup nightmare ....HELP PLEASEDavid Massey62006-01-02 00:09
HOOKUP PROBLEMSEVY12005-12-30 12:17
When will TIVO come out with HD recorder/DVD recorder?D Singh242005-12-30 07:03
Panasonic dmr-eh50 w/ Qwest Digital GatewayAnonymous12005-12-28 22:05
HD DVR Connection to VCR and Digital DecoderChrisGB12005-12-28 19:15
HELP with hook up of dvr, dvd & vhs surround sound,rfEvy12005-12-28 16:08
Transfer recordings from Motorola 6412 to another 6412?fx22005-12-27 16:55
Comcast DVR hookup with Toshiba VCR/DVD comboRaAnn Hillis12005-12-27 04:41
JVC DR-MX1S......helpAnonymous12005-12-26 16:20
LG PVR, "duplicate date" errorjames goldman12005-12-25 17:11
Help tommmytucker12005-12-22 13:22
Getting "nc" error code on descramblerWalter F. Gassner12005-12-22 04:58
Can't install the driver for Sony Handycam ImageMixer 1.5Sarah11312005-12-20 11:37
Panasonic DMR-E85H drops programmed recordingsspencerinssf32005-12-20 10:24
DVR and Aspect control for Panasonic PlasmaSpencerinssf42005-12-20 10:14
How to connect a dv camcorder to a dvd recorder??spencerinssf22005-12-20 09:58
Connecting DVD-Recorder with CableCardspencerinssf22005-12-20 09:52
Recording High Def Stationsspencerinssf22005-12-20 09:46
Using two dvr'sAly22005-12-19 22:25
Direct TV's SAT/DVRjohnny steves22005-12-16 16:05
Dtv tivo R10johnny steves12005-12-16 15:46
100% Digital Descramblers!!! ALL Premium,PPV,Sports etc.....Dss Future12005-12-15 07:58
Cox support for HDMI on HD DVR?Cuylar Blair102005-12-14 18:40
Satellite DVR to DVD and Live TV to DVDHJ12005-12-13 23:41
Humax DRT800 (DVR from one room to another?)David Massey22005-12-10 22:02
Shall I keep the Denon 2900 if I buy the Pioneer DVR-930H ?masquar12005-12-10 14:01
Cableswilliam smith12005-12-10 01:34
Hook up problemwilliam smith12005-12-10 00:54
Initial Setup for Toshiba RD-XS32U HDD/DVD Video RecorderPaul B. Knowlton12005-12-09 03:15
combination HDD/DVD compatability with DirectTVJe Mo12005-12-08 04:43
HDMI / HDCP problems with SA8300 and a HDMI receiver (plus TWC NY's...Cuylar Blair22005-12-08 01:17
DVD Shrink and Nero won't copy a copyDavid Massey22005-12-06 20:15
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