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Panasonic A/V SAXR57 DefTech ProCinema 60 Pablo46
Active worksJAW4
Receiver - Seeking opinions/adviceRyan Eckhoff4
Hk3485 frequencyNuck3
Receiver for Bose Acousticmass 3 series IV speaker systemGavin4
Did my receiver fry my sound card?David Mitchell4
Receiver Types - Setting up a new home systemNick K29
Have Harman/Kardon AVR 225 and I'm trying to....Eric Ramsey4
HK AVR 430 Automatically Powers Offshawnboy2
Receiver vs. SpeakersJan Vigne4
Marantz sr8500 vs HKBaxter Smith3
Recommendation on surround RecieverNick K6
Vintage Yamaha ReceiversGavin68
Need Help with Surrond Sound Receiver ChoiceRob1
Stereo receiver with digital inputs?RayRay28
Question regarding vintage receivers and componants?Nuck7
"high-def" reciever helpFrank Abela15
FYI - New NAD AVR's- 8/22/07Nick K33
Receiver Upgrade - Andreshawnboy18
VFL display nad T762Joost Bruins5
Which one is good Pioneer VSX-1016TXV or HK AVR 247Nuck58
Nad 7100 vs Nad 720BeeNick K10
Sony str dg500 won't detect subwooferJan Vigne3
Remote for Jan Vigne4
A Center Channel Calibration?David Mitchell9
Tweak your Receiver to sound more like TUBE GEAR with Teflon Tape!!angelo lombardi67
NAD T752 - repair or replace ?Nick K2
Used receiversNuck6
Home stereo receiver w/built in equalizershawnboy10
Anyone have any comments on Yamaha rx-797 receiver?chicomoralessxm24
Sonicview new bin 262Nuck6
Onkyo Integra Problem..You can't really dus5
RX-V1600 HDMI IssueKano10
7.1 Surround Sound Receiversbyron bailey10
Amp Specsleo stierer131
Receiver -- What is "reputation" of various brandsGavin14
A subwoofer or better speakers?Mike Castellano14
Cable TV upscalingStof2
NAD T743 ... Nick K5
Onkyo TX-SR505 or H/K AVR240 ?Nuck2
Pros and Cons H/K vs. Pioneer Eliteshawnboy4
Receiver for my Bose Acoustimass 10 systemNuck7
Home Theater Under $1,500doug10
Upgrading from Yamaha RX-2600 with 5-7K to spend?Jan Vigne5
Onky receiver won't wake up with remote control...Kano4
Harman Kardon AVR235 Won't Come Up From Standby...Nicholas Lester3
Is there a receiver that can upconvert my Direct TV signal to 1080i?Stof3
Good basic two channel receiver and speakers?Rick Zmiejko32
Home Theatre & Room Acoustics - check it outstryvn4
Anybody ever hear a Boston Acoustics Avidea 610 DVD/Receiver 2.0?Christopher Molloy22
Amp to receiverJan Vigne8
Yamaha ReceiverPatrick L8
Cable box to stereoPatrick L4
Yamaha RX-N600 Shorting Out?Nuck6
Help - are these repair costs too high?David Mitchell16
Optical and coax input to receiver causes hum, digital noise or no ...Jon Tatum1
Please recommend a receiver for my setup .... Polk Audio RM10...Yah...Hanif B37
11.2 Receiver?M.R.10
Denon AVR 1804 Digital Audio QuestionWayne Leonard1
Center speaker output issue with Marantz SR4400Nuck14
Yamaha HTR-5990 connectionsNick K3
What Receiver for Multi-Room Setup?Nuck9
Is HDMI a must have now?Nick K12
AVR 340 speaker set up questionDave K6
SP Distance auidio and adjust settingsM.R.6
H/K AVR 340-Z vs Marantz SR5600Nick K8
508 pvrjelly bean1
Onkyo TX-SR804 setupEdwin James2
What's a good match for these speakers?Gavin13
Pioneer elite vsx-91Stephen M.2
Bad connection in NAD T761?Jan Vigne2
Onkyo tx-2500 recieverpatrick1
Which Harman Kardon receiver?Kano2
Denon AVR-687 Nick K2
Dish network 625 dvr receiverBob Bloor1
Problems with system, not sure where at exactly.Jan Vigne27
Marantz ZR6001SP Nick K2
Need Reciever helpStu Pitt17
Are there receivers that upconvert non-HD channels to 1080i?Dennis Michael Wiley7
Which is the better cable choice?Frank Abela5
No sound from centre speaker on Cambridge 640RNick Myers1
Receiver IssueBryan Schofield8
Any Onkyo Receivers that go from 7.1 to 6.1?Kano5
ADS R1 recieverKevin Corr3
Connecting receiver, volume control and speakersNuck18
New receiver connection helpJOHN S14
Need help with whole house speaker system.Jan Vigne2
Receiver for JBL 5.1 setupDavid1
Help/Opinions New Receiver connectionsAudiophobe1
Surround Sound Receiver for under $200Michael Wodek15
Need an online store for a reburbished surround ampEric Miller1
Choosing Receiver Help...Jan Vigne4
Onkyo TX-SR674 Zone 2 HelpNachoman911
Building new system - need helpBill Dietz25
5.1 Audio From Sony HDR-UX7 HandycamFrank Abela2
Pioneer Elite VSX-24TX not making sound sometimesNuck6
Mcs 3245JAW2
MusicHall Mavern any have or heard it???chicomoralessxm9
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